Women Strength Training Workout – How they strengthen it 

Women Strength Training Workout – Women strength training is something that is becoming more and more popular these days. I am sure that you have seen a small proliferation of women’s only clubs in the past several years. This is because of the multitude of benefits that resistance training offers. Benefits that women recognize as being significant.

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Note that the terms “resistance training” and “strength training” are used interchangeably. Men have been enjoying the benefits of strength training for decades already. It’s time for women to do the same!

In the old days if you walked into a gym you would be hard pressed to find a woman in the free weight area of the gym.

Women were mostly doing cardio and attending various classes.

Now, it’s becoming more common to walk into a gym and see a woman doing bench presses or squats or lunges and so on.

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However, there is still a lot of focus on dieting and doing cardio, and not enough importance placed on weight training. Many women don’t understand that weight training is the best way to shape their bodies.

Thus, if you want to get rid of fat you should lift weights and build strong muscles that will eat away at the fat on your stomach, butt and thighs. This is possible for one simple reason – muscle burns fat! Think of muscle as the natural enemy of fat because it uses fat as the primary source for energy. In essence, muscle eats away at the fat!

Furthermore, women who do weight training do not increase muscle mass because of the simple fact that they do not have enough of the essential muscle building hormone prevalent in men – testosterone! Thus, women who weight train will not increase in size much, just their muscle density and strength. Also, the best of all, muscles will get toned and shaped perfectly.

  • Women Strength Training Workout – Benefits:
  • increased strength without increasing muscle mass
  • improved muscle tone and shape
  • decreased risk of osteoporosis
  • reduced risk of injury, arthritis and back pain
  • reduced risk of diabetes

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