Why Don’t Friends Ever Support Your Business Endeavors on Social Networking Sites?

I’ve tried it all, I’ve pushed fan pages, set customized emails, sent personal invites, even visited people personally that I consider close friends and family members, and I’ve gotten the same results every time! Nil. I’ve yet to have any close and personal friend or family member support or help my cause for any business ventures that I’ve undertaken on the Internet or outside of the Internet.

When I talked to leading Home Marketing Venture Capitalist, the majority will tell you to contact your friends and family, and continue to contact people that you knew thru out your life. Well, I found this to be a very bad suggestion. I think I’ve yet to have one close member to me support, join up, or buy any product, application, website, or anything else that I’ve advertised. I am constantly developing and working on new ventures and projects to raise cash and conduct my own business ventures.

So why are those who are supposed to be closest to us, the ones who seem to support our ventures the least? After a little research, I’ve come to the understanding that most people around us have a almost subconscious jealousy or a survival switch in which people don’t want others around them that they are close to, to have success greater then themselves, because it makes them feel inferior and they want to feel more successful then the people around them When you start to achieve success, you must keep your eyes on the prize and your goal because the people closest to you will try to bring you down. It’s almost like its a product of our ancestors, a survivalist, being the best, kind of competition mode.

I’ve come to the understanding from much trial and error that the best chances of gaining customers and new clients is not to advertise to your peers, friends, or family members. It is to advertise and bring your product to the largest targeted audience at one time that you can. Social networking is a good place to advertise, but the truth is it is not one of the best. Most individuals, when they log onto a social site have clear intent on their agenda and most will not leave their agenda for a bit of advertising.

So I would suggest if your pushing a product or service, to not put all your eggs into the social networking advertising structure. Of course, I’ve received small gains from publishing ads on these sites, but I will only at this point use it as a small percentage of my ad revenue. Hopefully one day things will change and the people close to us will like to see us succeed and support us, this is not to say everyone is like this. Some people are blessed to have many wonderful people in their lives, but the majority of us have selfish, self centered individuals whose only concern is to support and better their selves! Such an unfortunate part of man kind, but we all live and learn! Sometimes the attitude of the person changes when they [google_bot_show][/google_bot_show]Buy Instagram Followers and get instant fame on Instagram. The increased followers will change the personality of the person. 

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