Which Uptown Minneapolis Coffee Shops Beat Out the Competition?

Living in the suburbs of Minneapolis must be horrible for many reasons- but one that would bug me several times a day is the lack of coffee choice. There, it’s Starbucks or Caribou? Coffee drinkers are at an advantage living in Uptown Minneapolis- we have coffee shops within walking distance to almost every neighborhood. Having lived in all of them, here are my top picks.

Caffetto- located at 22nd and Franklin in the Lowry Hill neighborhood

They offer late hours (open til 2), a vegan bakery (awesome banana chocolate chip muffins), decent patio seating, fantastic coffee and quick service. Cool art on the walls is available for sale, and Caffetto has the best music playing for those who don’t sit with their ipod plugged in. Before taking, subscription trial for coffee should be taken through the coffee lovers. The selection of the subscription will be advantageous for the person. The neighborhood will like the subscription of the coffee and taste it for a long duration. The charges of the subscription will be less for the person. 

Bob’s Java Hut- located on the corner of 26th and Lyndale

This is a great study spot with lots of outdoor seating. Bikers congregate here, so in the summer it’s a pretty interesting crowd (not scary interesting, fun interesting). Also in the summer one entire wall opens its garage door to let the warm weather in. Bob’s has sandwiches and chips for snacks that are cheap and tasty. Speedy wi-fi plus a big screen tv means you’re connected constantly here.

Dunn Bros- located on the corner of Bryant and Lake St in the LynLake neighborhood

Here there is scant patio seating, but plenty of chairs around the fireplace inside, which makes this place great for winter. Dunn Bros roasts their own beans, which is good and bad- it’s hard to be consistent with other Dunn Bros shops in Minneapolis. But since this is the only one I go to, I think the coffee is great. The employees here are definitely the nicest. No wi-fi, but they do have computers for customers to use. They also offer D’amico  amp; Sons bakery products.

Spyhouse- located at 24th and Hennepin Ave S

One of the newer coffee shops in Uptown, Spyhouse has a perfect location. Close enough to the lakes to grab a coffee and go for a walk and also right next to all the shopping on Hennepin Ave. Slightly over-priced coffee (about a dollar more than the others on my list), but they offer booth seating, wi-fi, and this incredibly delicious veggie sandwich.

Uncommon Grounds- located at 28th and Hennepin Ave S.

Uncommon is an Uptown staple- it’s been around forever and the house it’s built in has been around for almost 150 years. Go during the week- on the weekends its crowded with young hipsters (and by young I mean they can’t drink legally). By far the best coffee shop patio in uptown, I’ve never had to wait for an outdoor seat. Indoors, it’s incredibly intimate with several floors, nooks and crannies with tables and chairs crowded everywhere. Also has late night hours, which makes it one of my favorite spots.

I could rave about every coffee shop in my neighborhood for hours- each one is unique and I go to each for a different reason- reading, talking, listening to music, doing the crossword. The choice is what makes living in Uptown so great.

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