What You Should Know About Laser Dentistry – Know The Essentials!!

Laser dentistry is a form of dental treatment which, as the name suggests, uses a high energy beam or laser in the treatment of both teeth and gums. The process actually takes less time to complete, less painful, more precise, and avoid the use of conventional drills and stitches, including anesthesia.

There are currently two types of laser dentistry available for patients. These are the laser treatment for hard tissue which are the teeth, and laser treatment for soft tissue, which are the gums.

Laser treatment for hard tissue or teeth, include filling teeth which effectively cleans out all remnants of decay and bacteria, detection of cavities which is used for the early detection of decay, prevention of teeth sensitivity which seals tubules in the teeth to prevent sensitivity to hot or cold drinks, and teeth whitening.

Laser treatment for soft tissue or the gums include treatment of the folds in soft tissue which is a condition that is usually caused by dentures that don’t fit right, reshaping of the gums and lengthening of the crown, and for the lessening of pain and healing time of cold sores.

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Laser dentistry is fast becoming the trend when it comes to dental treatments. A lot of dentists prefer laser dentistry because of the precision and ease it brings, and a lot of patients also prefer this method of treatment because of the fast healing time and less pain.

There are actually a lot of benefits that laser dentistry brings that are applicable to both dentists and patients alike. These include less pain, faster recovery, improved accuracy, more patient-friendly procedures which lead to a better and less traumatic dental experience, and of course, a more affordable since there are less equipment to use.

When you choose a laser dentist, you should consider a dentist you are comfortable with. You should also choose a laser dentist that has extensive experience in the laser dentistry field, and if possible, ask for before and after pictures of previous patients who have undergone the particular treatment you are interested in so that you can set correct expectations once the treatment is complete.

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