What Is the Main Motive of Tej Kohli Foundation?

The people who don’t know about Tej Kohli must know about him as it will help them learn about such a brilliant person they have never met or heard about before. Since 2005 the Tej Kohli Foundation has become the best and the most famous global center of various innovations. This foundation is mainly famous for the scientific and technological solutions for major human challenges. Once you pay attention to this foundation’s major aspects, you will learn about this foundation’s main motive.

Most people don’t know about this foundation’s main motive because they don’t have much knowledge about it and stay away from its major benefits. The people who know about the Philanthropist Tej Kohli can understand this foundation’s existence, but others might face difficulties understanding it. Once you understand the reasons behind starting up this foundation, it will motivate you to connect with it and help you get the best results after connecting to it. Try to consider the below details if you want to know about Tej Kohli Foundation’s main motive as the below info will help you know about it well.

  • Treating Blindness

The first and the best main motive of the Tej Kohli Foundation is to treat blindness and help people see the beautiful world around them. The World Health Organization says that 14 million of the 39 million people have blindness in India. Indian people require more help to get rid of this trouble which doesn’t allow them to see the world around them. Blindness is heavily impacted by poverty, and if it gets removed from this planet, people can see and work as per their suitability.

  • Tackling Poverty

Another major motive of the Tej Kohli Foundation is to tackle poverty and to help people have a safe and secure life by seeing each and everything around them. Once poverty is tackled, people can easily live their lives happily and get some work to fulfill their dreams. Poor people don’t get opportunities to work if they are blind rather than cry in front of others to get some money. Once you understand the importance of having eyes, it will be easy for you to understand this foundation’s concept.

  • Solving Blindness

Another primary motive of the Tej Kohli Foundation is to understand the blindness problem and then to solves it and then move further to treat it. Once the problem of blindness gets solved, it can easily be treated without facing any major trouble. It is essential to solve the problem first and then move to other aspects like treatment. It’s a fact that the treatment won’t be found properly until the problem will not get solved, so the first aim of the foundation is to solve the blindness problem and then treat it.

Finally, it will help you learn about the Tej Kohli Foundation’s major motives when you complete the above info. It will also help you learn about this foundation well and help you enhance your current knowledge.

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