What is Caverject?

1) How does Caverject work?

This medication is used for treating male impotence. It is delivered into the body with a syringe and can be done at home easily after a doctor teaches you how. Caverject is commonly combined with Edex and occasionally Muse as well.

2) When will a generic be available for Caverject?

The generic for Caverject- Alprostadil can be chosen instead if you speak with your doctor beforehand.

3) How do I use Caverject?

Since Caverject is injected into a particular part of the penis, it is important that you listen carefully when your doctor first demonstrates how it works. After you have become comfortable using it at the doctors, you can begin injecting yourself at home. Always be sure to wash your hands thoroughly before touching the syringe. Instructions on how much to inject will be given to you by your doctor as the time of prescription. With the consumption of hyper male force, the quality and quantity of the male sperms will be enhanced. It will result in better performance during sexual contact. The requirements of the partner will be fulfilled with the consumption of the pills. The injection form will be available as per the need of the men. 

4) How to buy a generic for Caverject?

Alprostadil, the generic for Caverject, should be ready to purchase at a pharmacy.

5) How can I buy Caverject online?

Buying your medication online can be very convenient for some and for this specific medication it can reduce the amount of embarrassment. Some people may feel uncomfortable picking up their medication since it’Äôs such a personal thing. http://www.thedrugcompany.com/product/caverject is the best place to purchase Caverject online.

6) How to save money on Caverject?

Buying online from http://www.thedrugcompany.com/product/caverject means that you get low prices while still receiving medication that you need.

7) Does Caverject help with Erectile Dysfunction?

When used properly, Caverject can give you an erection which lasts about an hour.

8) Is Caverject the same as Alprostadil?

By the nature of this medication, a generic is not usually recommended. If you are determined to choose Alprostadil, it is essential to speak with your doctor about any differences between the medications and what to expect.

9) Where can I get information on how to use Caverject?

You should always contact your doctor if you have any questions or concerns on the usage of Caverject. If you are interested in learning more about the medication you can check out http://www.thedrugcompany.com/product/caverject. Here you will see what the medication does exactly and what you should expect before using it on your own.

10) How many people are taking Caverject?

Millions of men that suffer from male impotence use Caverject as a way to achieve erections, despite their erectile dysfunction.

11) Is cheap Caverject available in countries other than the US?

Purchasing medicine that requires needles requires plenty of caution. To avoid getting the wrong meds or being scammed, stick to buying from reputable companies such as The Drug Company or only receiving medication from a pharmacy.

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