What Are The Teachings And Beliefs Of Shincheonji? How Are They Different?

Shincheonji is a Korean church, and when we talk about it, some people call it heaven on earth. The name depicts this nature of the church, but many people say that it is not really what it seems like. A church gives the person a way and support to confide in and give in totally. But as we will go through the beliefs, you would get to know that this specific place is different from that. 

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There are many different beliefs, and that is why we will be able to get to know what it is. There are certain aspects that people who have been a part of there have talked about on the internet. Intrigued enough? Go and check the different points below to know more!

It has cult-like practices!

Even if the name depicts heaven on earth, which God made himself, the church doesn’t act like one. When it comes to God, he just wants the prospects and devotees to be good and do good for others. But when it comes to this specific place, they have to be dressed decently, and they can’t do what they want to do. We all know what is decent and what depicts the ethical place. But can you ask someone to not do something if they want to? No! That is a bad thing, and everyone has their own life to decide, but if someone is religious, they just have to be true to what they are doing. 

They have illogical practices!

When it comes to the difference between ethical and unethical, there is a lot of difference. The morally correct things and do good to people are the ethical things, but the ones that pollute the surroundings are unethical. The human character grows with age, and we can’t put a leash on it and control someone. If we talk with an example, someone has seen a person saying that it is wrong to separate a child from their parents. Even if the kid has been going through many things and getting mistreated, it is not a good thing. But if we think logically, isn’t that what God wants to happen? Isn’t what it is all about, keeping everyone happy and getting away from the toxic things? Yes! But it is not what the Shincheonji church thinks.

It makes people question their thoughts!

If someone wants to go to the church, they won’t be asked about their thinking. The main efforts of a church have to be on giving out as much positivity they can. But is it possible for someone to let go of every thought they have and change it with what the church wants? No, it is not, because, in this life, we are here to take our own decisions and make mistakes too. Here, at this place, the people are supposed to get renewed and get rid of the thoughts that they have ever had. Many people don’t have a problem with this as they are so blind in their faith that they would do anything they can. 

They are a gender-based community

If we look at this community, it would seem like the one that is so modern and believes in the best things. But this community is the one that separates the members from the other gender properly. The men and women won’t sit closely, and they have their places in opposite corners. It is like the church will not let them be the way they like and give them the freedom to choose the work they are looking forward to doing. It is not a good thing for the people, and this way, even kids can also get the knowledge that they just have to stay away from the other gender. According to them, dating and casual dating is like a sin, and it is not a good thing to be sexually active with someone. 

At last, we are here with all this information that seems to be very important for sure. If the person is looking forward to getting in contact, they just have to know all about it to decide properly. 

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