What Are The Different Kinds of Glass Doors?

Glass is often one of the most crucial elements of renovation and new buildings. It can be used at your home, office or any other property. Glass doors are unique and look absolutely stunning that brings in a refreshing change to the entire property where it is installed. That is why glass elements have become so popular among architects and designers over time. The most exciting thing about using glass doors is that there are different options available to you. You can choose from a wide range of glass doors that are available in the market in 2021.

Let’s check out the different kinds of glass doors that you can use to decorate the interiors.

  • Hinged Single Door

one of the most common ways of using glass is by installing a hinged single door. It is the most traditional option that is available to you. It comes with a swiveling hinge on one particular side of the door frame, you can open the door to swing on the side of the wall. This kind of door can be opened inwards, outwards or on both the sides as needed.

  • French Doors

french doors are a pair of single hinged doors that usually open away from each other. They are made of timber-framed glass panels which can swing inwards. A french glass door can be used for both interior and exterior use. They can very successfully deliver an elegant and gorgeous transition to any space.

  • Bi-Fold Doors

bi-fold doors are created with the help of individual folding panels. They are much like the single-hinged doors which can be framed or frameless. These are made of two or panels that are hinged with each other. That is why they can fold on a single track and you can push them to one or both the sides.

  • Pivot Doors

pivot doors also have hinges that are mounted at the bottom or top of the door. The hinges are located at the center or off-center point. When the door is open, it is both inside and also on the outside. Pivot doors can be used as a single door or multiple ones without any hassles.

  • Sliding Doors

it goes without saying that sliding doors are the newest trend which most people prefer these days. They open sideways unlike most traditional doors that open inwards or outwards. They glide alongside a single track when you push them. It is the best option when it comes to offering a nice transition between the indoor and outdoor spaces.

  • Stacking Doors

last but not the least, you can also choose to install stacking glass doors. They are made up of two or more glass panels which can slide behind a single fixed panel or any other structural element. Each of the panels can collect and lock each other with the next panel which allows the doors to slide against each other.

So, these are the different options for glass doors that you can install in your property. You can check out the harga pintu kaca by visiting http://vertuglass.com/pintu-kaca/ right now!

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