What Are The Best Nootropics? What Can They Do For The Health Of The Human Brain?

Nootropics are also called smart drugs. They are a class of substances that can enhance brain performance. They are also known as cognition enhancers. They help in memory in human beings. These nootropics are medications that have effects that enhance stimulants.  People use these medicines in special conditions like ADHD and Alzheimers.

About Non- Prescription Nootropics

Non- Prescription Nootropics are also nootropics. They are one of the best nootropics. They are organic ones and not exactly a drug prescribed by doctors or physicians. These are homemade ingredients and are easily and very cheaply available. They also have proved to enhance mental health and help sick patients who suffer from brain illness or brain damage or have lost their memory. They do not treat huge diseases and do not give immediate or complete relied. However, they may have some effects on thinking, memory, or other mental functions.

Examples of Non- Prescription Nootropics are caffeine, turmeric, and many more substances.

About Prescription Nootropics 

Prescription Nootropics are drugs that are prescribed by doctors for weak patients. These kinds of patients are really serious ones and need immediate treatment. In such cases, non-prescription nootropics do not give relief, and they do not work. These are also some best nootropics available.

Prescription nootropics include:


  • Modafinil (Provigil)


This is a stimulant that helps with the sudden sleepiness of narcolepsy. It is an effective medicine.


  • Adderall


This generally contains amphetamines to treat ADHD. Unfortunately, ADHD cannot be cured non- prescribed nootropics. 


  • Methylphenidate (Ritalin)


This is also a popular stimulant. It can manage symptoms of narcolepsy and also help cure ADHD.


  • Memantine (Axura)


These are medicines that treat symptoms of Alzheimer’s. It is an effective drug as well.

While these can effectively treat specific medical conditions, a person should not take them without a prescription. However, these are the best nootropics and are effective.

Like any prescription medications, they carry risks of side effects and interactions, and a person should only take them under a doctor’s care.

Do nootropics work seriously, or are they just myths?

Some studies show that nootropic supplements can have severe effects on the human brain. These are drugs and have side effects. These can be effective and addictive at the same time. One should be careful and consume the right amounts and not end up having larger or smaller quantities. This is a hard medicine and can affect the human brain in ways that cannot be explained. However, these nootropics are very effective against huge illnesses. Because of the shortage of research, individuals cannot say how much effect these over-the-counter nootropics have. They can improve thinking or also help in brain functioning. They can help in reducing stress, anxiety and also can help in calming the mind.

Nootropics are hard, strong substances and can do good and bid accordingly. However, as the saying goes, it can be addictive to people as well. One may consume nootropics for fun, harming the human brain and making a person physically ill.

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