Video Production Which Light Kit Is Best

Which light kit is best for video production and digital photography. Hi guys, Mark Apsolon here, hope you are having a great and wonderful day. You know, lots of people ask me about lights for video production and photography and what type of light kit would be best for them.

Corporate video production Boston is using the right light kit for producing the videos. The choosing of the kit is with the skills and intelligence of the experts. They are learning about the requirements of the people and using the kit according to it. The production of the videos is excellent through the method.

Well, if you do video production, if you do photography, you know that light is essential for lighting your subject or your set. You gotta have good light, if you don’t have good lighting, you’re not gonna get a good product on your video or your photography. Well I thought in this video we’ll talk about what light kit is best for you.

Now there are a variety of different types of lights that are available for your photography and your video production needs. A particular one which is the most popular is called halogen quartz lights. These lights are cheap, the bulbs last for a long time but they get relatively hot and use a lot of power. But one of the major pluses of using a halogen light is they’re very bright so they brightly light your set for video production or photography.

The second type of light is a fluorescent light. Fluorescent lights have actually come up in popularity over the last few years. One of the major factors for that is because you can buy them for outdoor light or indoor light. Outdoor light being sunlight which is 5600K and indoor light which is being 3200K. They’re relatively cool, they last for a long time, the bulbs definitely do. They don’t use much power which is a plus when you’re lighting a set because you can use a lot of power with some of the other lights. Some of the cons though, you gotta use a lot of fluorescent bulbs to actually get something lit and they can be a little bit more expensive than the halogen light.

The third type of light is an incandescent light. Now incandescent lights, you know those because they’re your common light bulbs in a lamp at your house. They’re very cheap and and they can be used for video production but the cons of them are they don’t put off much light and they really don’t look that professional.

The fourth type of lights is HMI lights. HMI lights, what can I say about them. They’re very nice. Big studios use them to light indoor studios to actually make them look like outdoor light cause they get that 5600K look. But, they’re very expensive.

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