Top Tips for How to Lose Calories

Throw out all the diet pill scams that claim magic (and false) results from tiny tablets and weight loss really boils down to two things: eat fewer calories and get active. Learn how to lose calories and you’ve won half the battle.

But don’t let any preconceived notions that losing calories is difficult to bother you. You don’t have to starve or feel deprived. As a matter of fact, it’s a lot easier than you think. Learn how to lose calories – and weight – with these helpful tips.

Substitute the good for the bad
Losing weight isn’t all about giving up your favorite foods. You just need to substitute some foods for healthier options. Maybe your thing is rich, chocolate foods. Instead of downing a large portion of chocolate cake or a pint of ice cream – which is several hundred fattening calories – opt instead for a better treat. Mix some unsweetened cocoa powder in skim milk and eat a small handful of nuts. You can also make a heart-healthy and weight loss friendly dark forest berry smoothie as a mini-meal (see the recipe below).

Hungry for a sweet, chocolaty treat that’s good for weight loss? Try this.

Dark Forest Berry Smoothie

Just blend the following:

* 3/4 – 1 cup of frozen blueberries

* 1 serving of all-natural vanilla flavored whey protein isolate

* 1 fist-sized portion of rinsed kale

* 1 rounded teaspoon of unsweetened, non-alkaline (not Dutch-processed) cocoa powder

* Just enough rice milk to make the shake creamy and smooth.

The blueberries give you fat-killing fiber and antioxidants and are so sweet you won’t need sugar. The whey protein provides a very lean protein source. The kale is full of fiber and vital nutrients. And the chocolate not only satisfies your cravings, but it also gives you healthy fat and antioxidants galore.

Here are some other good substitutions. Switch whole for skim milk. Bypass the chips and choose air-popped popcorn. Forego fattening fruit juice and eat the whole fruit instead. Pass on the high-fat crackers and spread and instead wrap low-fat mozzarella in spinach leaves. Trade even whole wheat bread and pasta for better whole grains like quinoa, millet, spelled and brown rice. Let your imagination run wild, and when in doubt, select whole, natural foods and you won’t go wrong.

Eat more to lose calories!
You read right, and I haven’t gone crazy. This is one of the most powerful tips for how to lose calories. Research has proven that eating smaller, more frequent meals is key to controlling your appetite and ultimately losing fat.

Eating more often keeps you from getting hungry. And isn’t hunger the number one reason why diets are so painful? If you control hunger, then you also control the urge to binge. Therefore, controlling hunger is the key to controlling calorie intake.

Best of all, small meals keep your metabolism active. Slow, damaged metabolisms from years of yo-yo dieting need to be re-trained to work at a faster pace. Eating more often, and specifically not starving yourself, jump starts slow metabolisms by making them burn through calories faster. It’s like making your metabolism go the gym to get stronger. Did you ever believe that losing calories could be as easy and effective as not going hungry?!

Let your daily tasks turn you into a calorie-burning machine
If your lifestyle is so busy that it’s hard to spend a lot of time working out, let your daily chores and errands be more than time killers.

Feel good that just pushing a lawnmower or even gardening can burn a surprising number of calories each hour. Playing with your kids – throwing a frisbee, kicking around a ball, shooting some hoops – can burn 300 calories or more. When going up and down buildings, use the stairs instead of the elevator and park at the far of store parking lots. Add a lot of small changes like this add up in a really big way.

Lose Calories with Yoga
We love yoga here at Effective Weight Loss Help. Not only is yoga essential for helping you be active well into old age (when most people are sitting in their easy chairs all day) but it really is one of the best calorie burning tools. Look at most serious yoga enthusiasts and you see people with beautiful, flexible and strong bodies. And you can bet that the stress-reducing qualities of yoga help them be much more relaxed than the average person. When you get rid of the stress you keep your body from releasing hormones that promote fat buildup. Best of all, yoga can be done by someone at any age or fitness level.

You don’t have to start off hardcore either. Just begin with 15-30 minutes a day. We highly suggest you check out Brilliant Yoga and learn how you can get your personal yoga prescription to ensure you get the very best results from this awesome tool.

Now that we’ve shown you how to lose calories, doesn’t weight loss look a little less daunting? We hope so. Start putting these tips into practice. And to get access to MANY MORE awesome calorie burning tips, be sure to download our excellent and FREE e-book “45 Fantastic Ways to Lose Calories.” This e-book is a $27 value at no cost to you. Get it now!

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