Too Much Personal Influence – Know About Them

When I say “too much personal influence”; I’m talking about the times that either I myself have influenced another reader’s interpretation, the personal influence when reading for those close to me and the personal influence that sometimes prevents me reading for myself objectively.

The tarot card reading can result in personal influence for the people. A new lifestyle is provided to the people. You can learn about the reading to have the desired results. The understanding of the reading is essential for the people to have a great influence on the personal life. 

To explain why I think there is even a point for discussion here, let me give you an example… A good few years ago a lovely tarot reader was recommended to me by a friend. She is brilliantly accurate, has a lovely caring personality and I’ve found myself growing really fond of her over the years. Whenever I have a major issue I go to see her for some much-needed guidance.

Now although she is a talented professional with years of experience, I’ve found that since we have become friends and therefore more familiar with each other, I have unwittingly influenced my readings with her. Like the time I was offered what appeared to be a great business opportunity and considered leaving my full time job. I was so excited that I’d already half made up my mind when I went for the reading and was really just looking for confirmation that I was making the right decision.

I was so enthusiastic about my new venture that I’m sure I made it difficult for my tarot reader – who was now my friend – to burst my bubble. I could kick myself; I remember her telling me that she saw disappointment next to the ace of pentacles and that she saw me out of work, but every time I heard that or anything else that was even a tinsy wincy bit negative, I would just find some kind of explanation as to what that must mean. I just kept throwing other things into the mix and confusing things. Instead of allowing my reader to go with her gut instinct I made her ‘think’, reconsider her interpretation and soften the blow.

What I should have done was keep my mouth shut and let my dear friend sucker punch me with the truth. To cut a long story short; the fantastic business opportunity turned out to be a complete nightmare beyond anything that I could have ever predicted. I’d left my job and found myself out of work, disappointed and feeling very sorry for myself.

My tarot reader agrees that she had allowed me to influence her interpretation and that even after her 30 years of experience she was still always learning. Now when I go for readings I say only the bare minimum, I don’t ask questions I just take in whatever tarot wants to tell me.

Since I’m both a client to other readers and a reader myself; I have seen this problem from both perspectives. As a reader I can honestly say that I find it easier to read for complete strangers whose lives I know nothing about. When you read for a stranger you cannot think or consider the individual’s circumstances, you only have your tarot skills and your intuition to go by. When you are reading for a friend or family member it’s very difficult (but not impossible) to eliminate all you know about that person. For example, you read for a friend who you think is single yet the spread is full love cards. Would you gravitate towards another interpretation of a card that would appear to be more relevant to their situation, or do pretend you know nothing of their situation and talk about the wonderful relationship that you see blossoming? Obviously you have to go for the latter, you can’t assume you know everything – maybe your friend does have a relationship blossoming but s/he just hasn’t broadcast it yet. Never ‘think’ too much, just trust your cards implicitly and they won’t let you down.

Then there’s that thing about delivering bad news to someone you care about. It’s tough, but I’ve learnt (sometimes the hard way) that honesty is the best policy; whether you’re delivering or receiving a bit of a blow. Otherwise you’ll be doing a disservice to yourself and others.

Then the last point; reading for yourself. For me this is my biggest tarot challenge yet. I read my own cards daily, I try and try to be objective, forget who I am and be open to whatever the cards are telling me. Sometimes the messages are blatantly obvious or support how I’m currently feeling, but put me in a situation were I’m confused or emotionally attached and then give me cards I don’t like the look of and I’ll be straight on the phone to my reader. How can you be objective about your own life? I know there are readers out there who are quite happy reading for themselves. Maybe they have evolved to a level of inner calm that I haven’t yet managed to achieve, who knows?

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