Things To Take care about the Private notes

I am not a fan of the “new” trend of privacy. I don’t like it and I don’t trust it. The new privacy is designed to get your attention, but only for the purpose of selling you something or making you feel bad about yourself. It’s all about control, which is what they want from us. The more we are on their side, the better. But there is one good thing about this new trend in privacy that I do like – it makes me laugh. And, if you’re laughing too, then let’s talk. Taking without privacy can let the person fall in several wrong traps. So if you want to be safe and have better privacy options, features such as private notes can be the tool to use and look at. It not only helps you get the desired option but also lets you have the better-talking environment without any risk chances.

What makes me laugh is the fact that now everyone has a privacy note. No matter how private you think you are, no matter where you live, no matter who you know, and no matter how important you are, someone somewhere has a privacy note on file about you. They have a privacy note on file with every single person you know, including your mother, your father, your brother, your sister, your husband, your wife, every friend you’ve ever had, and your enemies. They have a privacy note on file with just about everyone you meet, even the guy waiting at the gas station, because he may become an enemy later on. There is no way to hide from these people. Your privacy will never be safe again. 

So why do they keep files on us? Because it works. If they were smart, they would use our names, so that when we try to hide, they could find out who we are, and we’d be forced to pay them for the privilege of being able to keep our secrets. But they aren’t smart, so instead they put our pictures into the privacy notes. We look so innocent in those photos. So naive. So young. So vulnerable. So stupid. So easy to manipulate. If you’re rich enough, they’ll even make up stories about you. Like how much money you made last year, or how many houses you own, or how fat you really are. These people love the power they have over us. And if they can’t get you to buy their products, they’ll lie about you. That’s how they get paid. 

But let’s stop here for a minute and take a look at ourselves as well. How many times have you heard a story about some poor sap who thought he was going to be able to hide his identity by using a fake name? But his real name was already in a privacy note. Or maybe he used a nickname, and his real name was still in the privacy notes. Or maybe he tried to change his appearance, and his picture was in the privacy notes. Now, do you see how ridiculous this all is? Do you see how completely useless it is? Why should anyone care what someone else thinks about them? Why should they worry about other people knowing more than they do about themselves? After all, if they don’t know anything about you, why shouldn’t everyone else know everything about them? 

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