Teaching Your Dog How to Use a Doggy Door

 Many of us work long hours, yet cannot think of not enjoying the companionship of a pet. When we get home we are greeted as though we were gone for weeks. They follow our every move and desire nothing more than food and attention. And, there is also the cuddle factor. Nothing soothes the nerves better than a pet.

The biggest problem facing dog owners who work long hours is how to give their beloved pets the opportunity to relieve themselves as needed. You can hire dog walkers, or enlist the help of a neighbor to let them outside in the yard, which is a good way to handle this should you not have a yard. Some dog owners, who have yards, believe they are alleviating this problem by keeping their dogs outside all day long, which is a really bad idea in many ways.

Left Alone Outdoors

Leaving a dog alone outside can cause many behavior issues.

¬∑ Digging    

¬∑ Destructive Chewing    

¬∑ Excessive Barking    

¬∑ Excessive Jumping    

· Depression

Best Bet

The best solution is to install a doggy door and teach your dog how to use it. While this can only be implemented in specific situations – access to a securely fenced yard and having a dog who is not destructive indoors, it is still the best means of insuring your dog’s comfort when you are away from home.

Teaching Your Dog How to Use the Doggy Door

Dogs tend to learn best when anything new has positive associations. The best means of insuring your dog will look forward to and learn new behaviors quickly is to use a high value food reward. Sometimes a toy can be of high enough value as well; or more so as some dogs have specific toys with which they obsess. For the purpose of this article we will use whatever high value food or toy most motivates your dog termed as a reward.

¬∑ Begin by placing the reward near the doggy door. Praise your dog as he retrieves his reward.    

¬∑ Hold open the doggy door and hold the reward just on the other side of the opening, allowing your dog to retrieve the reward, as you praise. Repeat this a few times, until your dog is not in the least apprehensive about pushing his face through the aperture to retrieve his reward.    

¬∑ Place the reward on the opposite side of the doggy door with the door flap closed. Encourage your dog to retrieve his reward. As he places his snout on the flap, help him push it open to retrieve his reward. Repeat this until your dog has no problem pushing the flap open on his own to retrieve his reward.    

¬∑ With each success (i.e. your dog pushes open the flap of the doggy door by himself to retrieve his reward) place the reward a little further away from the opening so that the dog must begin moving his upper body through the doggy door to reach his reward.    

· After a few repetitions your dog should be enjoying this game and be willing to perform it from both directions as he has learned that going through the doggy door is very rewarding.

To teach your dog to use the doggy door as a means of going to relieve himself, you will need to exit the house and then encourage him to come through the doggy door to go to his relief area. Be certain to praise and reward when he goes through the door and again after he has done his business where he is supposed to do so.

To help you train your dog easier and more effectively, you can use some helpful tools or devices designed solely for dog’s training. One of the popular training tool for dogs is barx buddy.This tool will help you control and train your dog.

Using a doggy door will give yourself peace of mind and your dog peace of body when you must be gone for long hours. Teaching him to use the doggy door by means of positive associations will insure that he will learn the concept quickly.

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