Super Smash Bros. Brawl Character Guide: Yoshi

In story mode, Yoshi is a great character. His huge midair jump lets him traverse the stages better than most characters and his attacks are extremely effective against the story mode enemies, who can’t block and have limited evasion capabilities. In multiplayer, though, Yoshi isn’t that great. Still, he’s not hopeless (no character in Brawl is), so read on to learn how to play a good Yoshi.

Standard Attacks

Yoshi’s standard combo is a double kick that is a pretty decent quick attack. His tilts are all tail attacks and are his primary close-combat moves. They are all very quick and fairly strong. Yoshi’s down smashed is his best smash attack. It comes out fast and packs a decent punch — use it whenever you get the chance. His up smash and forward smash are his main killing moves, but they are both pretty slow so be careful when using them. Finally, we have Yoshi’s running attack. This is a pretty good movie, but try not to miss it since you might get punished.

Special Attacks

Yoshi’s specials are pretty bad. His up special is an egg toss. In the air, it does gain him a slight bit of distance, but it can hardly be called a true recovery move. Yoshi’s second jump is huge, so it’s not really a problem, but, just like with Ness and Lucas, there will be cases where you’ll get screwed for not have a normal recovery special. Nevertheless, the egg toss itself is a good attack, but you’ll need to practice with it if you want to learn how to aim correctly. Once you do, it will be one of Yoshi’s most important attacks.

Yoshi’s standard special is his egg lay. Unfortunately, it’s pretty useless since your opponent has so much control over his movement as he gets laid (not in that way your naughty kids). This means you’ll almost never manage to drop someone over the edge, which, to most people, is the first thing they think of when they see this movie. At higher percentages, you might get some free shots off, but it’s pretty hard to even connect with this move. His side special and down special aren’t that great either. The side special will probably cause you to kill yourself ever once in a while until you get a handle on it. Even once you do, it’s pretty easy to avoid or gimp, and it’s slow to get in and out of. The down special is a decent drop down aerial attack, better than some, but there are better dropdowns from other characters.


Yoshi’s grab, like many ranged grabs, is just not any good. It’s too slow to be of any use most of the time. If you manage to connect with it, try the up or down throws to lead into an air attack. The other two are average throws, nothing to write home about.

Aerial Attacks

Yoshi’s air attacks are a mixed bag. His neutral aerial is a kick, very similar to Mario and Luigi’s. It’s a great attack when short jumped and will be an integral part of your ground close combat game, but high up in the air it’s not that useful. Yoshi’s back air is a great attack in many situations, so try to set yourself up for it a lot. The down aerial is best short jumped to rack up damage, but it’s pretty hard to connect otherwise. Fast dropping it from the air will usually just cause most of the attack to miss. The up aerial is decent, but the forward aerial is very slow.

Final Smash

Yoshi’s final smash is similar to Diddy Kong’s, but it’s harder to use correctly and therefore generally less effective. It’s not controlled like Diddy’s, instead, you can simply just fly around anywhere which the analog stick, similar to Sonic’s final smash or Pit’s up special, though it’s more responsive than the latter and nowhere near as much as the former. Yoshi will breathe fire, and you can shoot fireballs by pressing buttons, but it can be difficult to hit with them, unlike Diddy’s peanut barrage.

That’s it for Yoshi. Keep these tips in mind and you should pull together a decent Yoshi game. Don’t get me wrong, Yoshi can be used very well against most players, but it can be hard to keep up with other characters when going up against top-level players. This is why if you are new to this game, you can check out here to know how to start playing Minecraft instead of this game to get a hang of it. As minecraft 1.14 shaders are installed your gaming experience will improve manifold. After that, you can start with Super Smash Bros. Brawl and smash everyone with Yoshi. 

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