Review: Forever Elizabeth, Perfume for Women

I’ve always been a fan of Elizabeth Taylor’s fragrances. Out of all of the perfume I have tried by Elizabeth Taylor, at least 90% of them are gorgeous, the other 10%…not so much.

It’s more common though to find a perfume from her collection that is wonderful, so that is always a plus.

Although I am partial to Eclatant, it doesn’t meant that I don’t value other brands and Elizabeth Taylor being one of my favorite icons has only made me try out her favorite perfumes again and again which is why I have an entire stash of them in my cupboard.

A recent find of mine was Forever Elizabeth. If you have read any of my previous perfume reviews, then you already know about the goodie bag of perfume my mom managed to find at a local thrift store. The bag contained a bunch of designer perfume. In the mix; Forever Elizabeth, by Elizabeth Taylor. Good find Ma!


The bottle is pretty odd, it has an almost circular shape, with a small circular punch in the middle, which makes it look like an incomplete donut.

The bottle itself is transparent, so you can see how much perfume is left. The glass though has a very light pearly glaze over it (like the inside of an oyster shell), which when moved around will cast off hues of green, yellow, and pink. I like the pearly glass rainbows that get casted from the bottle, but the overall shape is sort of ugly, so it is not really worth saving/hording once the perfume is gone.


Forever Elizabeth has a really refreshing light floral scent. I noted modern tones of rose, and gardenia…although none of these oils are actually in the perfume, this is what it smells like to me.

The scent though is not very unique compared to other new floral scents. It reminds me a lot of JLO’S Love At First Glow. Nice, but definitely not original. Likable; but it’s surely been done before.

The scent puts you in an upbeat happy mood. In my opinion, if a scent is able to bring out a mood or emotion, it’s definitely worth a purchase.


Forever Elizabeth lasts for about 2 to 3 hours if you spray it directly on to your clothing. The floral scent though will not stick around for very long if you were to spray it directly on to your skin. (You’ll get about an hour worth of scent when sprayed on skin).

For me the last is semi decent…but in order for it to be semi decent, it has to be sprayed on your clothes. I usually saturate my shirt when I find a scent I like.


I really like Forever Elizabeth. It’s a very girly, and sophisticated scent at the same time. I believe it would be best worn on a mild spring day. Although it is not original, it is still worth a spritz.

Pricing and Availability:

You can pick up a bottle of Forever Elizabeth at any local perfume outlet, or online by google searching the perfume. I find that purchasing perfume online saves up to 30% at times. At you can pick up a bottle of Forever Elizabeth for $29.19 for a large 3.3 ounce bottle.

Forever Elizabeth is also available as a body lotion, or a shower gel. At the site you can pick up the gift set which includes all 3 products.


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