Qwest Strikes Again

Qwest is notorious for somehow managing to bungle every phone change I have ever been involved in. I know it isn’t just me either, because I have talked to many others in the same situation. For being a high tech service company, if there is a way to screw up an install or change order, they will do it.

Today my company is moving into our brand new building. This is not a long distance move mind you, literally just across the parking lot. We scheduled the transfer of our phone lines and DSL to the new building to be done during 8-12 this morning. The first surprise is that they tech just before 9 is, so I was hopeful to see a new side of Qwest. Nope, the old Qwest reared its ugly head.

The lines were turned off at our old/current building and the tech headed over to the new one…only to find that there were no actual/physical lines laid to the new building yet! You’d think Qwest would know this when drawing up the order for the location. So now our lines are disconnected and going nowhere, and we have no access to the Internet, which for an online marketing company is our lifeblood.

Fortunately, they were able to turn the phone lines back up relatively quickly, but even after reassuring us they would have the DSL up too, no connection was to be found. After an hour of working our way through various tech support levels, we were able to get the DSL back up an hour and a half later.

Somehow I don’t think this kind of experience is limited to just Qwest, but because they are the only option in our area, I don’t expect to see much improvement either. Why is it even the seemingly simplest of tasks within the boundaries of what a company is supposed to be offering as a service just can’t get done right the first time? Is that too much to ask?

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