Quiz Games Varieties You Should Try

Are regular quizzes already getting boring for you and you want to try quizzes with a twist? We got you covered. In this article, we will discuss the most popular varieties of quiz and trivia based games. Without further ado, let’s start:

  1. Multiple choice quiz

Multiple choice quiz or MCQs is almost certainly the most popular kind of quiz question partly because of their ability to test students quite effectively. This type of quiz shows numerous choices, and the quiz participants will just have to pick from one answer, and not choose to make up an answer completely from the scratch. Multiple questions can be cheated quite a bit though – sometimes, competitors will just memorize keywords instead of the whole answer, which quite very well in informative and trivia multiple choice quiz. For this reason, Multiple choice quiz or MCQs are most effectively used as a quiz for mathematical questions that cannot be cheated.

  1. Online quizzes

Online quizzes stand apart from normal quizzes since they are generally interactive, depending on the quality of the quiz. Often times, there are high quality images, GIFs, videos, and even mini games to be discovered in online quizzes.

One of the most popular online quizzes is the personality quiz. With a personality quiz, participants will answer a set of questions that will point to a conclusion about their personality. Common personality quiz titles include “What Character Are You In A Movie?” “Am I Beautiful Or Ugly?”, and “What Type Of A Person Are You?”.

The best thing about online quizzes is that you have a lot of topics to choose from. One website offering free quizzes and trivia questions online is Quiz Expo, providing a lot of quiz genre, from celebrities, movies, history, and any other topic that you can think of. You can visit their website by visiting www.quizexpo.com.

  1. Spin The Wheel

Spin the wheel quizzes are very fun and will work well in a classroom environment. This quiz is a one of a kind interactive quiz format that allows the quiz creator to create multiple genres, topics, or subjects and place them on a wheel. Participants will spin the wheel, and whatever genres, topics, or subjects they landed upon. This type of quiz creates a lot of excitement especially for kids, and it also makes up for a great team game too. If you are a teacher and you are looking for a fun way to engage your class with a quiz, you are certainly welcome to try conducting a Spin The Wheel quiz.

  1. Pair matching

Pair matching is a kind of quiz in which participants will answer by connecting two words or phrases that are randomly jungled in two groups. This is a very simple quiz that has the ability to test the vocabulary, word understanding, and logical reasoning of the quiz participants. This type of quiz is generally used in a classroom setting, however, it can also be used in other formats and events.

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