Puppy Proofing Your Home

Everyone knows the excitement of welcoming a new puppy into your family. But in all that elation many people forget that your home needs to be made puppy safe. Here is a check list of things you should do before bringing your new puppy home. Puppies are overly curious and will get into everything.

It is your job to make sure that they start their life off right and that they cannot get into anything that will harm them. The best way to puppy proof, is to do it from their perspective. Get down on their level and see what they would see.

  1. Pick up or remove all trash containers from reach of the puppy. Make sure there is no trash or left over food lying on the ground. Certain foods like onions, macadamien nuts, and chocolate are all harmful and even fatal to dogs.
  1. Check the location of all your electrical cords. They either need to be tucked behind computer desks, or couches. They absolutely need to be out of sight or you need an extra rubber coating placed on them. Puppies love the cords they think they are a toy. And obviously they can be extremely harmful to your new little friend. Puppy teeth are extremely sharp and they would have no problem chewing through an entire set of cords in only a few minutes. It does not take long.
  1. Make sure all cabinets close securely. Especially the ones in the bathroom or under the sink. It is normally a good idea to keep the bathroom door closed at all times for the first few weeks the puppy is in the house.

There is too much hazardous objects there and until they know that they can not go near them its better to be safe than sorry. Antifreeze attracts dogs and cats, make sure there is no available to your puppy. Move it to a higher shelf that you know there is no chance of the puppy ever being able to reach.

  1. Remove all plants from the home or move them into an enclosed area that the puppy will not be allowed access too.
  1. The puppy will need a place to play. If you have a fenced in yard, walk around it make sure there are no areas that a puppy could slip through or dig under. It is important to make the area secure. Puppies love to find a way out, they think its a game, but then they are not able to find their way back in.
  1. A good idea for nighttime is crate training your new puppy. At least just for a few months, there are a million things a puppy can get into at night while you are sleep, not to mention the fact that they are not potty trained yet.
  1. If you have children, make sure all their toys are picked up and everything is off of the ground. Puppies love to chew everything, including shoes. They do not know any better, they think everything is a toy. It is important to remember this and if something is left on the ground and it is chewed it is not the puppies fault.

If you go through this checklist you should be ready to welcome a lifelong companion into your home. Remember raising a puppy is similar to raising a child, it requires the same patience and love, and it always pays off in the end. A list can be provided at the official site for the purchase of the pets. The training of the pets will be effective to get the work done. There will be requirement of patience and relaxation to the person. Proper love and support should be provided to the person. For further information, check here at the official site to get the desired results. 

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