Punch List: Understanding Its Significant Role In Construction

All projects have a starting point, and an endpoint and all that happens between those points are appropriately documented to consider the project complete. Thus, this is used mainly in construction projects. I mean, if you are the architect, you don’t want to forget something during the construction process. All things involved should be present and accounted for, and if something is missed, then there is a possibility of a disaster. For that, what you need is a punch list. And of course, it is essential to read more on what is included in the punch list for more thorough project completion.

The Punch List

Alright, so, what is a punch list then? Punch lists are a list or a document, that has all the necessary tasks needed to do before a project is considered finished. A punch list is usually tackled during the latter parts of a project, especially when it is almost going to reach the deadline. Thus, this, in turn, makes everyone prone to mistakes due to time constraints and sometimes extending project deadlines.

Also, punch list can also include stipulations on damages to other materials that happened during the project and should be immediately fixed. Sometimes, it also consists of some errors during the project, like incorrect installations that do not function, or other things that need to be fixed. Also, since change orders take care of the more significant issues, punch lists usually tackle the smaller, minor issues left. Don’t get me wrong, albeit these issues are minor, they are still vital for the completion of a project, especially in construction.

Construction Punch List Practices

One o the best construction punch list practices are the rolling punch list. Thus, this is not because it rolls but because it logs punch list items in real time as deficiencies start to add up. Also, this is the most common way of achieving a zero-punch list goal. Zero-punch list goal means that there should be no more punch list work left after project completion.

Who Are Responsible For The Punch List

Four people need to keep in track of the punch list so that the project will have a thorough build process. They are:

  • The General Contractor – The guy who starts a plan and also starts the punch list. He is the person who creates punch list items from the job site.
  • The Specialty Contractor – The person whose job is to resolve punch list items included on the construction punch list. It is the Specialty Contractor’s job to ensure that the project shall follow according to the architect’s design to avoid any setbacks.
  • The Owner – It is the owner’s responsibility to keep track of the progress. They also need to regularly inspect the project on site so that they can be aware of all the work all the time.
  • The Architect – The architect must ensure that all the construction needs are met from start to finish. They also make sure that everything should work as intended, and even the person who needs to sign-off the punch list after the project is finished.


A punch list is essential to every construction project. Since a lot is going on throughout the process, the punch list makes sure that nothing gets left unattended or undone.

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