Power Good Accent Wall – What to know about it!!

Have a color in mind but don’t necessarily want to paint the whole room like that? Paint an accent wall. Want to create a space as unique as you are but are on a budget? Create an accent wall. Want to bring some life into an otherwise dull room? Time to bring in an accent wall. The meuble modern will enhance the accent of the wall. The creation of the space between the wall and furniture is the right one to get the desired results.

Accent walls can be a budget friendly way to spice up any room in your house. They can be as complicated or as complex as you like. Accent walls are no longer just a different color than the rest of the room. There is a wide range of possibilities when it comes to creating an accent wall. Because of this they are a great way to show off different aspects of your personality.

They can be used to break up larger rooms by creating a boundary that wasn’t there before. Accent walls can also create a sense of inspiration and awe if you employ the right color or texture.

Highlight Unique Aspects of Your House

When you choose your house or apartment, you did so because certain parts of that home called to you. Highlight these areas by turning them into an accent wall. If you have a staircase along one side of the house, paint that wall a bright, interesting color. Bring that otherwise, dull and overlooked area into the light.

If one of the walls in your living room is higher and connects at a point, paint that wall different than the rest of the room. The contrast that you are creating by adding an accent wall to these areas will not only draw your eye, but also those that visit your home.

Take pride in the unique characteristics of your home by making them even more unique.
  • Add an Accent Wall to the Bedroom

If you are following the laws of feng shui, decorating your bedroom can be extremely hard. Your partner may also not make this easy for you if they prefer some things to others. But adding an accent wall can help with the energy in the room and can create a visual headboard.

Instead of making your own headboard or going out and buying one, paint that wall a different color. While doing this, consider keeping light blues and purples in mind to keep the room feeling relaxed and calm. If you are looking to frame the love that is shared in that room, consider a fabric or wallpaper with written words to go behind your bed.

Whatever you do, limit the accent wall to behind your bed to keep the room from feeling too busy.

  • Draw People into a Room

By painting a wall that is opposite a door, you could be inviting people in. Use this if you have a large wall that is across from your entry area. Paint this wall either a strong, solid color or paint a wall mural on it. This change will draw them into start a conversation and to stay awhile.

If you are painting a mural, make one that demonstrates something that you are passionate about. For example a forest or a world map.

  • Geometric walls create a Fun Space

Creating a geometric accent wall can take time and patience. But it is worth the wait. With painters tape you could create a work of art on a wall that would otherwise be left plain.

For a luxe wallpaper look, get high gloss paint, flat paint and stencils and get to work! Any pattern along one wall can create an accent wall that is one of kind.

  • Don’t be Afraid to Go Dark

If you are looking to bring some spunk to a room, first go to one that has a lot of natural light. From there put up an accent wall that is dark. It will make the entire room have a new element to it.

A new and interesting way to make one of these darker accent walls is to use natural materials. Boards from wood pallets can be used to create a new and refreshing look on a wall. Stones can also be used.

Any wall can be made into an accent wall, even the ceiling! Go with what you think will look great and trust your instincts!

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