Pokemon Go- Throwing in Some Cheesy Content for Entertainment

While the entire nation is grappling with a global pandemic, politicians are engaged in backbiting amongst one another as the American elections are just a few months away with experts predicting a Trump comeback in November.

As of now, Covid-19 continues to hit the headlines everyday with the doctors and scientists working day and night for finding a cure or vaccine while the residents of various countries are confined to the four walls of their house due to nationwide lockdown and for good reason.

This has given the chance to relieve some childhood memories for working class individuals when they used to play video games dominated by the likes of Super Mario, Swat Kats, Ninja Roberts, etc. but the new millennial kids are into Pokemon Series as they relate to it more and we are going to talk about it in this article.

Pokemon History

To speak about the historic origins of Pokemon is like showing candle to the sun, to the young folks atleast as that was launched in 1997 where it struggled to establish itself for a few years before finally hitting big time success in 2001 when it overtook others in terms of popularity.

Then in 2002, the makers launched Pokemon the animated series on cartoon network where young kids were relegated to the action packed adventures of Ash Ketchum and his two friends, Brock the Hunter and Misty Williams, where they used to travel around the world to capture Pokemons for the big battle in store with the 3 antagonists- Jessie, James and Meow.

The mid 2000s was the time when social media revolution took the entire world by storm when internet found their way into our mobile phones, which soon became mini-computers where we could access our favorite websites and favorite videos on YouTube.

Pokemon Go was launched in July 2016 with much fanfare that too became a successful venture like its TV and video game counterparts, endearing themselves to today’s generation as well with nearly 3 million people downloading it from app stores across the world in just 24 hours, truly a record breaking achievement to say the least.


Pokemon Go has grossed nearly $5 million worldwide in 4 years which has prompted experts to enter into a joint venture with Google and App stores where viewers can easily get their flame accounts pokemon go where it can be located on the map.

Once the account is created, the level begins where your job is to keep your Pokeball ready and start capturing the pokemons one by one because they are virtually found in every neighborhood territory.

They are at a vulnerable position when they have the colored circle moving the slowest around them, which is the right time to aim the Pokeball and throw it with careful aim so that it lands inside the circle, which is how the Pokemon gets caught.

In order to achieve this, press the Pokeball lightly so that the circle appears with an increasing flow and swipe it towards the Pokemon, a foolproof way to move forward in the game.

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