Planning a Vacation

We all need a vacation. If you have some money set aside and vacation time scheduled off, you are ready to plan a vacation. There are several key things to do when planning a vacation, such as deciding where to go and booking transportation, accommodations and activities.


Step 1

Decide who will be vacationing with you. Are you going with a significant other? Or are you taking your whole family? Once you know who is going, sit down and talk about what everyone is looking for in a vacation. Think about things like relaxing on a beach, hiking through the wilderness, shopping or sightseeing.


Step 2

Establish how you want to travel. says it is important to decide if you want to travel by car, bus, train or airplane. A lot of that depends on how far you want to travel. That is good to decide at this time too.

Step 3

Select three vacation destinations to choose from. Make sure these three choices satisfy most of your vacation goals. Narrow down your selection to one destination that everyone can agree on and that meets the majority of your vacation goals.


Step 4

Book your transportation. Real Simple says that at this point, you should book your flight or plot your driving route. Make sure you search different websites for the best flight deals. If you are driving your car, be sure to get it serviced.

Step 5

Reserve your lodging accommodations and activities. That’s right, book spa appointments, golf tee times or sightseeing tour reservations.


Step 6

Set a spending budget. If you plan to eat out for every meal, research places to eat. If you plan to cook for yourself, set a food budget. Be sure to set aside some extra spending money for additional adventures that may arise.

Step 7

Create a shopping list of items you will need before you leave. Include things like sunscreen, travel toothpaste, beach towels and other things you may need. It is usually cheaper to purchase these things before you go.

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