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A Review of Homewood Mountain Resort in California

Unbroken views of Lake Tahoe are one of the most impressive features that the Homewood Mountain resort has to offer. Guests can enjoy the food, wine and the excellent service. Furthermore, parents can allow their children to wander around the children’s areas of the resort to enjoy the playgrounds. There are ski classes for all ages, and the instructors do an excellent job of making even the newest skiers feel right at home. New skiers will have no trouble understanding the instructors’ lessons, and instructors take a hands-on approach to their classes. For that reason, as much as any other, the Homewood Mountain Resort is among the favorite destinations of those visitors to Lake Tahoe who don’t have time for crowds, and are primarily there for the pristine slopes.

Homewood Mountain Resort in California 1

Insider Tips

Visitors to Lake Tahoe who enjoy more challenging ski slopes will enjoy staying at the Homewood Mountain Resort. Homewood keeps its slopes in pristine condition, and guests will be able to walk right onto the slopes. The resort doesn’t have the same problems with overcrowding that other properties in the area seem to have, so guests can take their time at breakfast and lunch, so they don’t have to worry about being last on the slopes. The new ski lifts and chairs that are available for guests will allow them to enjoy the slopes without the discomfort of having to stand in line for an hour waiting on an empty chair. They can take their time, and enjoy the world-class food that the Homewood offers, since they won’t have to struggle to find a spot on the slopes.

Pros and Cons

The Homewood Mountain Resort avoids the over the top atmosphere of many of the Tahoe area resorts. While this certainly translates to shorter lines at check-in and on the slopes, as well, the fact remains that for the ultra-luxurious experience that many travelers want, they will need to find a different resort. Homewood Mountain Resort boasts some of the most spectacular views of Lake Tahoe that can be found in the area, and the atmosphere is one of quiet serenity. Without the crowds and the noise that many of the area’s resorts have in abundance, Homewood provides an experience that is more conducive to enjoying a family getaway where the focus is on each other.

Homewood Mountain Resort in California 1

Bottom Line

Homewood Mountain Resort offis further afield than the other Lake Tahoe resorts. Off the beaten path, Homewood provides an experience that differs greatly than the larger, more heavily populated resorts in the vicinity. If it’s a beautiful atmosphere with excellent skiing and very short waits to get on the slopes, then Homewood is the place to stay. Since Homewood is significantly less well-known than the more well-heeled resorts in the area, it is also less crowded and significantly more affordable. The skiing at Homewood is second to none, and the family atmosphere means that all members of the family will enjoy their stay. Homewood is family-friendly and doesn’t frown on rambunctious children, and the entire family is encouraged to find their own path to happiness.

Boston Duck Tour Review

The Boston Duck Tour is one of those cheesy, only-as-a-tourist attractions that kids love. You drive around the city on a W.W.II style amphibious landing vehicle, a DUCK, and you are expected to quack when your guide tells you to. You see Boston Common and Newbury Street, then you hit the water.

Boston Duck Tour

Wows and Woes

Not all ducks have outside seating and those that do have limited seating. Get there early if you want to sit outside, because there is no guarantee. Also, surprisingly, even infants require a (heavily discounted) ticket.


Insider Tips

With your ticket, you get discounted admission to the fabulous Museum of Science, along with museum store discounts. And the shorter tour that leaves from the aquarium is less expensive.

Boston Duck Tour

Author’s Most Memorable Moment

Since we live in NYC, my kids don’t have much opportunity to drive anything. The “ConDUCKtor” usually allows some passengers to drive the boat a little on the Charles River. The ear-to-ear grins my kids sported made the ticket prices worthwhile.

Boston Duck Tour

Bottom Line

Boston Duck Tours are a unique way to get an overview of Boston and see some of the sights.

Giving Feels Better Then Receiving

Few days from now we will be celebrating Christmas surrounded by our family and friends…..people who mean the world to us….people we are blessed to have in our lives….

We will be exchanging presents….eating delicious meals prepared with love….sing Christmas Carols….

….as we look around the room….we realize how blessed we truly are….how no matter how bad it gets there is ALWAYS someone else who has it worse….someone who can use a little help….little hope….lots of love….

Giving Feels Better Then Receiving

I am a person who believes in giving rather then receiving…..person who counts her blessings and is grateful for the little things in life….I am a person who proudly watches her young children becoming giving….loving and caring individuals.

Every year my family makes sure that we give back more then we receive…..I believe that no matter what your situation is and how abundant your life is …..there is always ways to GIVE….no matter how small.

Giving back

Giving Feels Better Then ReceivingIn spirit of the season I am inviting you and your families to GIVE BACK this Christmas…to spread the unlimited love you have in your hearts….

Find ways to make a difference this season….sometimes a spare change with a smile…..cup of coffee…basket of goodies…can make a huge difference in someone else’s life…..and the feeling you get in your heart in UNBELIEVABLE.

Maybe this year scale down on the family gifts and instead give THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING…..give the gift of love and hope.

Maybe this year… the people you haven’t met yet…..

giving back

If you need little inspiration and ideas… are few charities that can use some help this year:


….because when a girl is educated, nourished and protected…she shares her knowledge and skills with her family and community and can forever change the future of a nation. It only takes ONE girl to change the world.


…help to free children from poverty and exploitation… young people from the notion that they are powerless to affect positive change in the world.

Giving Feels Better Then Receiving#3 BREAKFAST FOR LEARNING

….because 1 in 10 children in Canada lives below the poverty line and goes to school hungry….help to give a nutritious start to children so they can grow up successful and healthy adults.


….because many children aren’t well enough to spend holidays at home with their families….help them celebrate Christmas in hospital by donating to decorate their rooms…sending them a surprise stockings….purchasing holiday meal for their family….


…because animals need LOVE too….become a guardian for an animal in need.

There are so many charities all over the world….so many people maybe even living next door to you that can use little hope…little love…little ray of sunshine during the Christmas holidays….and beyond.

Are there certain charities you get involved with? Is your family exchanging charitable gifts this Christmas?

About Ice Fishing Rods

ice fishing 1When winter hits, anglers may find it difficult to kick back by the fireplace. After all, they prefer being outdoors, and they know the fish are hungry and waiting to feed. Luckily, ice fishing is there to fill their void. The sport has grown in recent years, and improvements in ice fishing rods have played a major role.


Ice fishing traces its roots to fish spearing. The Ojibwe Tribe chipped holes in the ice and waited, sometimes for days, for fish to swim up to a wooden decoy. By the 1920s, rods with line and hooks had replaced spears, but they remained far less sophisticated than today’s graphite and fiberglass models. In fact, many anglers in the early part of the 20th century made their own rods from dowels or willow tree branches.

According to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, ice fishing failed to garner attention until the start of the 1990s, when the technology led an infusion of new anglers to the sport. Today, ice fishing features a wealth of sophistication. GPS equipment and underwater cameras help anglers find the fish. Rods, too, benefit from modern technology, which has introduced products that resist the damage extreme cold weather can cause and provide the characteristics anglers need to haul in a healthy catch.

However, some believe the technology movement harms the nature of the sport. “You have to wonder if ice fishing is losing the sense of adventure that used to come from actually having to work to fin fish,” said Minnesota DNR angler Tom Jones. Some anglers still prefer to make their own rods. In fact, Steven Griffin, a Michigan angler, said in 1985 that he built rods out of the fiberglass posts that hold bicycle safety flags in place.


Ice fishing rods tend to be relatively stiff, which allows for the tug anglers must use to pull the fish to the surface. Anglers, however, also need the tip of the rod to move. This allows for jigging the bait, whether it be live or artificial, and helps anglers to determine when fish are nibbling.


Some rods are little more than a wooden stick that is used for jigging.
Most ice fishing rods, however, are composed of graphite or fiberglass. Rods come in four categories: ultra-light, light, medium and heavy. Choosing the best option depends on the type of fish the angler hopes to catch. Ultra-light rods are best for small pan-fish such as crappie and bluegill. Light rods are fine for perch and small-mouth bass. A medium rod is needed for large-mouth bass, walleye and rainbow trout. Heavy rods work well for lake trout and pike.

ice fishing 1


Ice fishing rods tend to be shorter than most other fishing poles. The shorter rod allows a fisherman to stand over the hole and set the hook, and it makes it easier to pull the fish upward toward the surface. Anglers cannot pull the fish toward the shore or toward a boat as they do during other fishing seasons. According to Matt Straw, who covers the sport for In-Fisherman, a popular magazine and website for anglers, the best poles for panfishing have a length between 18 and 26 inches. A good medium rod, meanwhile, tends to be in the 28- to 48-inch range. Heavy ice fishing rods range from 36 to 42 inches in length.


Rods also differ in where and how they bend. Anglers prefer fast-action rods for use jigging with artificial lures. Fast-action rods bend at the tip, but the remainder of the rod remains fairly inflexible. The way they bend makes it easier for anglers to sense when a fish hits the bait, but the strength of the lower half of the rod supplies the necessary strength to haul in the fish. Fast-action rods are best when you’re fishing for crappie, bluegill, rainbow trout and most species of bass.

Those who fish with minnows and intend to move the bait up and down in the hole prefer medium-action rods. Medium-action rods bend at the middle of the rod shaft. They are good options when you fish for walleye. Slow-action rods work better when fishing large lakes for pike, musky and lake trout.

Anglers also must choose between graphite and fiberglass rods. Graphite rods are more expensive, but they also are lightweight and more sensitive. Fiberglass rods are less sensitive and heavier, but they bend easier without the threat of snapping in half, which can happen in cold weather, or failing to return to their normal shape.


Through technology, anglers today consider ice fishing to be a more popular option for cold-weather recreation, and there are signs that the sport might continue to grow. In fact, new ice fishing tournaments pop up each year in cold-weather states. In February 2009, Pelican Lake, Wisconsin, held a tournament offering $100,000 in prizes, including a $25,000 check for first prize. Seventy-five anglers fished the tournament, and the winner, Rostk Lyogky, caught a 3-lb. northern pike.

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