Mealing It Mediterranean Style

I lost a lot of weight last year, and as anyone who diets knows, food can get really boring. I exercised more, however, and ate smaller portions. I also favored vegetables and fruits that are not high in carbs or fat, but after a while, I grew tired of the same meals each day. I’d heard so much about how healthy and high in protein foods were in the Mediterranean Diet that I decided to try it. Not only did I finish losing the weight I needed to and maintained the weight I lost, I felt, (and feel,) more energetic. I also loved my meals which was/is a big part of dieting healthy. After all, who can go wrong with olive oil and red wine?

A Mediterranean diet which includes mostly fish, nuts, veggies and grains has also been found to be beneficial in protecting the body from heart disease. By sticking to the plan, you eat less meat and sweets, which seems obvious, and eat more fish, whole grains, olive oil, fruits, herbs, vegetables and spices. Portion control, of course, is always important, so make sure no matter what you are eating, you stick to the serving size. In addition to helping you lose fat, a Mediterranean diet will also allow you to forgo going in new jersey center for coolsculpting.

In order to maintain the weight I lost, stay healthy, and enjoy my meals, see the schedule below I kept while trying this wonderful and tasty Mediterranean diet:

Mondays – Friday’s

I start(ed) my day with whole grains by having one serving of cereal such as Cheerios which is made by General Mill’s or one of the Kashi brand cereals (which are high in fiber and protein). I use skim milk, and sometimes, to make it more interesting, I put seasonal fruits on such as bananas, peaches, strawberries or blueberries.

Lunch is my hungry time of day, so I snack on carrot sticks or celery before and after my meal when I am hungry or still hungry. Hummus and whole wheat crackers are a nice, full meal, or you can spread a serving of natural peanut butter onto your celery. I also eat a handful or almonds or make a one person bag of fat-free popcorn. All of this is not only good for you, but filling. Feeling full was key for me.

For dinner I will make chicken once a week, fish about 3 times and an egg white omelet the other night. Dinner should be filling too, so you’re not tempted to snack before bed, but you also want to feel comfortable and not bloated. A salad with some Greek olives or olive oil is a nice accompaniment as well as steamed broccoli with pine nuts or asparagus with low-fat shredded cheese. If you want to avoid the carb side-dish, like noodles or rice, great, but if you must have it, make sure you only eat a serving size. It helps to buy whole wheat brand pasta or brown rice as a substitute for the white varieties. Beans and legumes (like pea pods) are also a nice side dish.

Every so often I will also have a glass of red wine, which we keep hearing has benefits to our health, as well as a small piece of dark chocolate to take away my before-bedtime-sweets-craving.

On the weekends, I let myself splurge a bit. Maybe I have that pasta I denied myself during the week, or I have a piece of pizza or two with the kids. Sometimes, I will have a dessert on Saturday night. Friday night, I might have two glasses of red wine instead of one. If I feel like I am overdoing it, I can always exercise.

If you are looking to diet, but don’t want to get stuck in a rut, getting plenty of protein and enjoying great tasting foods is a positive way to start your regiment; and going the Mediterranean route can be very beneficial to you.

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