Making Money Online Writing Articles

Article writing has been making waves for some time even though many people don’t really like this aspect of online opportunity.

Writing articles for money can be very rewarding these days as most companies need freelancers that will help them write articles like memos, speeches, business proposals, so on, due to their busy schedule.

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So you get to do their lazy jobs in exchange for money of-course! Good money if you are lucky enough!

I know of a particular guy, a friend of mine who makes $2000 monthly just for writing articles for someone in United Arab Emirate (U.A.E). Now he has quit his day job and decided to go into article writing full time. Lucky guy he is!

Article writing jobs can fetch you between $200-$2000 or even more if you are lucky to meet some guy who can pay well.

Why most people run away from article writing is that, it is time consuming and you need to have writing skills or else you get bored on the topics given to you.

Anyone can go into article writing, even the so called “lazy ones” who don’t fancy writing or who don’t like writing at all in large volumes as there are article rewriter softwares that makes it easy for you.

I have personally made quite a couple of money in article writing through some freelance websites over the years, although not much but I think it’s worth a while!

There are so many article writing jobs on the internet today as there are individuals or organizations online looking for freelance writers who will help write articles for them.

However, you must be careful of scam websites/individuals who will promise top paying article writing jobs if you’ll part with some money.

The truth is, genuine article websites don’t require a dime (money) from you before they render this service. Free of charge! The only thing you’ll do is to register for an account. That’s all!

More so, there are some dubious individuals as well who will give article writing jobs promising to pay you an agreed some of money after writing the articles, only to steal away your jobs telling you that the article you gave wasn’t good enough or the article has been used before, etc. you know all sort of flimpsy excuses like that.

I personally have fallen for this sort of individuals; I have fallen for their crookedness & craftiness. There’s this guy at a popular forum called digital point, who told me he needed an article writer to write 400 words long article for a particular topic.

We discussed and he agreed to pay $2.0 per article for 10 articles, if we do the maths that’s going to be $20 for all the 10 articles but because i was still a newbie then, I decided to write the articles and emailed it to him.

To cut the long story short, this guy was telling me the unique article which I wrote with my sweat and blood did not pass copyscape and that it didn’t have some certain keywords. Am not a kid you know! You know it when a guy doesn’t want to pay, he give all sort of excuses.

So that is why you must be very careful of this sort of people online. Okay!

In regards to the promise I have made to make you guys comfortable online if not millionaires, I have hereby placed links to some powerful websites that give you articles jobs where you are guaranteed of making money online below

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  3. digital forum

Note; if you’re a lazy writer and don’t have passion for writing, not to worry as there are article writing software that helps you get the job done! Okay!