Low Back Pain: Symptoms, Causes and Remedies

Low back pain is one of the very common problems which effect our day to day life. Although this pain does not signify any serious problem it does lead to the sufferer having adverse effect on his perosnal and professional life. Due to this pain he ends up paying a hefty amount of money to medicines, doctor’s consultation and insurances to the most.

Types : Low Back Pain

Low back pain exists in the back on the lower side and is categorised in three terms based on the duration of existence of this pain.

The one which can be termed as the initial stage is called acute pain if it has been for less than six weeks, if the duration of the suffering has been in the range of six weeks to twelve weeks we define it as sub-acute and the one which extends more than this is called chronic and it needs to be considered and treated very seriously.

Symptons :Low back pain

Low back pain normally exists between the bottom of ribs, at the back and at the top of the legs. This pain may be felt while sitting on a chair and getting up, bending, turning over while sleeping. This pain may move to the complete leg and the knees too.

Causes: Low back Pain

The main cause of this pain is the excess stress to the muscles. It may also occur due to the damage to the ligaments or the slip disk and it may happen while lifting heavy weight items or if there’s any twist at the time of lifting the weight.

Measures to get relief from the Low back pain:

Stay Cool: Many a times this pain is of very acute tendency and may go off within a few days so don’t worry about it and try to keep yourself occupied in your regular routine. Right Postures:Right postures help a lot to stay awys from the problem of back apin and to keep it in control too. One should always sit straight giving complete support to the lower back. Make sure to always sit straight keeping the driving seat forward .If needs to stand for a longer duration try keeping one foot up on any platform and keep repeating this alternatively with both foot. Always turn yourself by moving the entire body instead of twisting from the waist. Hot water bags or the heating pads: As heat helps to relax from the pain it is advised to use the hot water bags or the haeting pads for 15-20 minutes to reduce the low back pain. Exercises: The most effective way to reduce the back pain is the exercise.One is to lie on the floor keeping your back straight. Put the pillows under the knees and bend the hips and knees. Then keep your legs on a chair. This helps to take the pressure from the back thus reducing the pain. Whom to contact during severe Low back Pain:

You need to immediately visit a doctor preferably a physiotherapist, a chiropractor or an osteopath whne you observe any of these problems:

1. When the pain gets shifted down from your legs to the knees and its intensity is quite high.

2. When there is complaint of nausea, fever, sweating or body feels very weak.

3. Frequent urinary sensations prompting to visit the bathroom at short intervals.

4. Severe pain has been there since two to three weeks and it doesn’t seem to reduce.

Low back pain is not a very serious problem to be dealt with if we have the accurate knowledge about its symptoms and can implement effective measures and precautions.Do make sure you visit a doctor if intensity of pain is regular and high as then needs to be immediately taken care of.After all you desrve to stay healthy and fit .

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