Learn How To Make VoIP Calls And Save Costs

Connecting to your clients and prospective customers is the most important part of a business. VoIP Calls make this process exponentially more efficient by reducing costs and improving reliability. And we will teach you how to set up VoIP calls for free. 

What are VoIP Calls

VoIP or voice-over-internet protocol is an alternative way of making calls. Instead of traditional cellular service, these calls require the internet. You can approach several VoIP services to make these calls over the internet. 

Used extensively by many large businesses, most VoIP services do not limit your calls to other VoIP users and help you connect with users of traditional networks. 

While the technical aspect of the process used by VoIP calls is quite complicated, here is a simplified breakdown.  

  1. You dial the number through your VoIP agent.
  2. This signal is turned into a digital signal and then sent over the internet. 
  3. Depending upon the receiver, the signal is altered. 
  4. When connecting to another VoIP user, the signal is sent primarily through the internet digitally.
  5. When connecting to a regular telephone, the signal is converted to a traditional telephone signal for the call to be connected. 

Why you should be making VoIP Calls

There are many benefits of VoIP that you don’t enjoy with traditional methods of calling. We’ve listed a few for you. 

  • Low Costs – VoIP calls provide you with unparalleled cost benefits. This type of calling helps you reduce costs of equipment by nullifying the need for copper wiring. These also feature a much cheaper cost per call. This is why they are perfect for all businesses. 
  • Unmatched Versatility– These calls can be made through computers and mobile phones, as well as a traditional telephone with the help of a telephone adapter. Moreover, you can make calls from anywhere. All you need is a device connected to the internet, and you’re good to go. 
  • Reliability – These calls feature amazing voice quality. Since they aren’t relying on telephone signals and mobile towers to function, these are a lot more reliable than traditional calling. 
  • Automation – VoIP calls are made through the internet and therefore allow you to make use of advanced technology to reduce costs. Since the calls are connected to the right person automatically, you don’t need to hire a secretary to connect calls, saving a tonne of costs. These also provide you with great features like voicemails and better call hold and call forwarding features which make you look more professional and save a lot of time. 

How to Make VoIP Calls from Your Cell phone

In case you’re a large business, you should consider contacting a VoIP service to set up your entire VoIP service, but we can help you get started easily through your cell phone. 

  1. Internet and a Smart Phone – Arrange a cell phone with a good internet connection. It can be Wi-Fi or even your normal cellular data.
  2. Download a VoIP app- Skype and Hangouts are among the most popular VoIP services. These applications are easy to download and set up, and you can get started quickly. 
  3. Set Up Your Account – Create your account and sign in. In case you already have an account on the VoIP service provider, then this step will be a breeze. If you don’t, it will take just a second to sign up.
  4. Configuration – Decide how you want your VoIP calls to the function. While the default settings will work for most, in case you want any changes, just go to the settings option and configure the app to your liking.
  5. Start Calling – After these simple steps, you can start calling and take your business to the next step. 

It is important to note that the basic features of some VoIP might be free; if you’re a business that contacts its customers and clients regularly and on a large scale, it’s a good choice to get the paid versions. The additional features and functionality will improve efficiency and benefit your business. 

Now that you know what VoIP calls are, the major benefits which VoIP calls provide over traditional methods of calling, and how you can use them for your business, we hope that you will make what could be the smartest choice for your business. 

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