Laser-Guided Electric Beard Trimmer

Laser-guided beard trimmer, I remember when I was a kid my dad had this old beard trimmer in his arsenal of hair care products. I do not think he ever used it. It sat there for years, collecting dust. As I grew older and began to shave, I decided to give that old beard trimmer a try. I plugged it in, shook off the dust, and turned it on. I cannot be sure, but I think it might have sparked a little when I turned it on that first time.

The trimmer emitted an eerie gargling sound. I did not know electronic devices could make such a sound. I hesitated to run the metal blade across my face. I wish I would have followed my instincts. As soon as the trimmer touched my facial hair, it pulled and snagged the small prepubescent hairs from my face. After peeling myself off the ceiling from the pain, I put the trimmer back in the drawer never to touch it again.

The modern convenience and advancement in technology for shavers and trimmers provide men with many options. With so many options it can become difficult to choose which one is best for you. So with one of the trends of the last year of having facial hair, the best options for beard trimmers come from Philips Norelco and braun series 9

The laser-guided beard trimmer, Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 9100, provides men both with state-of-the-art technology for trimming, and comfortable trim. And hey, it comes with a laser!

It’s all about the Specs

For women it’s shoes, and for men it’s lasers. Sale a man a car and tell him it comes with a laser and he will be hooked. Sale a man a beard trimmer and tell him it comes with a laser, sold! Let’s take a look at the convenience a beard trimmer has with a laser built-in. The laser creates a line projecting to either side of the trimmer so you can follow a steady perfect line where to cut the stubble. Looking to impress someone? The perfectly trimmed beard is a big step in the right direction.

Now, the Philips Norelco beard trimmer 9100 has other excellent features as well, not just the laser-guided beard trimmer. The 9100 is designed with 0.2mm precision settings that provide you with precise trimming accuracy giving you that ‘Tony Stark’ beard perfection that you might be looking for.

A few other features, the 9100 include a 2-year guarantee, a full hour of use after charging the cordless trimmer, and attachments to help comb through tough spots for trimming, although the attachments tend to be a little flimsy and not rigid enough to comb through thicker beards. It comes equipped with a digital LED display for the zoom wheel to adjust trim settings, up to 17 different settings. The LED also shows how much juice is left in the battery.

The 9100 laser-guided beard trimmer comes designed with comfort in mind. Norelco has created a soft-to-the-touch skin-friendly and high performing blade. This high-end blade gives you the perfect trim every time. The design of the 9100 blades scrapes against each other and sharpens while you trim. The blade also has a dual-sided reversible trimmer. The dual-sided reversible blade provides you with a standard width on one side of the trimmer allowing you to trim the length you want. On the other side, you have a smaller more precise trimmer (5/8” or 15mm) that allows you to cut and shape your beard with precision.

Normally after reviewing the specs I would end it by saying, “We’ve saved the best for last,” however; we already mentioned that this beard trimmer comes with a laser. So, we have saved the second-best for last. The Philips Norelco beard trimmer 9100 Laser-guided beard trimmer is water-resistant. When you are done trimming your beard, simply rinse it off under the faucet, and you are done.

Pros and Cons:


Norelco does provide a 2-year guarantee, so if you have problems, they can help address those.

The 9100 provides stellar and precision trimming and comes with all the latest to help create the perfect style.

If you have some extra cash then this is the trimmer for you.

Even if you do not have the extra cash, you may want to consider an alternative as the 9100 certainly has its drawbacks and limitations.


The drawback to the 9100 is the cost. Compared to most other beard trimmers, the laser-guided trimmer in most cases costs more than double the price of other beard trimmers.

However, if you look for it in Shop on Google, you can purchase the laser-guided beard trimmer for a lot less.

A few consumers found the 9100 a little underpowered.

A few of the attachments did not have enough rigidity to hold up against coarser beards.

A few consumers had issues with the device not working after a couple of weeks.

Best for Last…almost

With all the great features of the 9100, Norelco still needs to make a few adjustments to its core. The trimmer lacks power and struggles to trim the thicker beards. It has flaws in that it does not hold up against some of its cheaper competition. If Norelco can fix a couple of those problems, it could have the best trimmer on the market. With all of its features, the 9100 is worth giving it a try.


Men no longer have to suffer the kind of fate I experienced with my first electric trimmer. Technology has advanced in so many ways, including the ability to trim your beard with ease and comfort. Some men prefer to use electric shavers to shave each day. For them, the electric shavers provide a closer, smoother shave than a steel blade.

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