Isreal Estate Blogging Enhancing Real Estate Business

So, what is all the hype about Real Estate Blogging? If you’re not already blogging, you’re probably at least wondering: Is it difficult? Does it require great writing skills? Will it eat up all my time?

For starters, let’s get beyond common fears and think about why there is *hype.* If you’re reading this post, you’re certainly reading what we’ve published on the ‘Real Estate Blogsites Advertorial Blog.’ And folks, this blog wasn’t developed by Parc Greenwich EC for laughs and giggles- it helps us to market the ‘Real Estate Blogsites’ brand of knowledge, educational value, and overall business enhancement. It was developed to reach folks like you… *and obviously it has!*

There’s no hype surrounding the facts NAR recently revealed, including that 87% of all home buyers used the Internet to do their research. There’s certainly no hype when NAR states that 87% of the home buyers who used the Internet to search homes, ultimately, purchased via a real estate agent. In fact, look at the ‘Where Buyers Found the Home They Purchased’ chart shown here:

It shows that between 2001 and 2008 Real Estate Agents have steadily declined as the initiating source for homes actually purchased versus the Internet, which has steadily risen. And herein lies the immediate challenge. Your *current & future success depends on your web presence.* Sure, folks are looking for sites where they can search the MLS and browse homes, but every Realtor has them. Forgive us, but what differentiates you from all that dry data? When they start looking for a human, what makes you appealing?

No, Blogging is not difficult. You don’t have to be an intellectual to demonstrate that you know local real estate. As for time, you’ve heard that old saying about “getting out of something that you put into it.” Is it hype or is it a reality – look at the chart folks? If buyers and sellers are looking for you online then you had better be there showing that you are the one to work with. In fact, if you are NOT blogging you are missing the most cost-effective & qualified advertising opportunity that has ever presented itself to your real estate business.

10 Things To Understand About How Real Estate Blogging is Enhancing Business

  • Real Estate Search

Home Buyers search and they research. Google [Yahoo, MSN, etc.] will reward the real estate businesses that are willing to publish consistent, timely, and on-topic coverage of their marketplaces with findability in the natural area of their index [ the organic search index results.] Organic search results are determined by the search engine and are NOT influenced by advertising dollars.

  • Organic Real Estate Search Results

87-92% of all search leads to an organic search result click-through and NOT Pay Per Click. The cost for the remaining 8-13% to those who choose Pay Per Click advertising has risen dramatically. Often it’s over $1 per click. Again, the lion’s share of search is going to the organic search results index.

  • Unlimited Realtor Findability

Your Real Estate Business can be high in the organic search result pages for an unlimited number of search topic keywords and phrases that emanate from your blogging effort! Home Buyer search is unpredictable, so more blogging will generate more indexing and more reward for those Realtors with the broadest possible topic indexing.

  • Real Estate Advertising Sustainability

With Real Estate blogs you are never limited in time or space like you are with traditional advertising, where you pay for limited space and circulation time. With search, the distribution of your advertorial real estate content remains available online 24/7 and to any & all comers. Think: the barriers between your real estate business knowledge and the buyers who need it have been broken!

  • Qualified Home Buyer Leads

The search engines are a lead filtration system. Home Buyers and Sellers can [re]search the keywords and key phrases emanating from your local real estate content via the search engine indexes at will. Your content will only attract the most qualified leads because they are already looking for you!

  • Simple Real Estate Publishing

Good Real Estate Business Blogs make it very simple to compete for the attention of qualified Home Buyers and Sellers. The publishing interface makes real estate blogging as simple as writing an email. A basic discipline for real estate business blogging demonstrates the enthusiasm you have for your local farm area.

  • Builds Local Trust

Real Estate Business Blogs offer the chance to present your business in a human way. It enhances where traditional advertising or static websites fail. Real Estate blogs help to build a brand and to garner trust – they attract the attention of your current and future clientele.

  • Direct Subscription

Possibly the greatest enhancement to a real estate business is the unlimited potential for a direct and voluntary subscription. Good real estate blogs offer both RSS and email subscriptions. Once subscribed they receive your message direct each time you publish. You remain on radar screens for when buyers are ready to buy. Or, to buy again.

  • Affordable Site Technology

Versus websites, which can require high upfront and ongoing programmer costs for the development of new content or changes to old, blog solutions & services don’t require coding so they can be much less expensive tools.

  • Less Overall Real Estate Marketing & Advertising Cost

Versus other forms of advertising, a good Real Estate Blog will reduce overall marketing & advertising costs because it has an unlimited ability to increase findability, visibility, and lead generation!

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