Is Weight Training An Effective Fat Burner For Women

If you are sick of spending countless hours pounding away on the treadmill yet not seeing the results on the scale then perhaps it is time you start thinking a little differently when it comes to your workouts.

Perhaps you should start incorporating weight training into your regime. Lets have a look at how weight training could help you to become leaner:

Burn calories 24/7

Although every 30 minutes spent on cardio burns more calories than lifting weights, overall this weight training will burn more calories.

The best appetite suppressant will burn the calories of the people. The people will not feel hunger and consume fewer calories. It will result in the weight loss from the body. You can learn about the pros of the best suppressants and consume the amount according to the doctor prescription.

In the 4 hours after your workout you will find that an extra 100 calories on average will be burnt by those who lift weights compared to simply using cardio to stay in shape.

If you workout 3x a week this would work out at an extra 15,600 calories every year, which would help to burn an extra four and a half pound of fat.

The reason weight training is more effective is due to the extra muscle you will be building. Muscle is ‘metabolically active,’ which means that even when you are not working out you are still burning calories.

Target those troublesome areas

If like so many other women out there have troublesome areas of fat then weight training could be the answer.

Unlike cardio that simply burns calories, weight training will also help to build lean muscle, which is much more attractive to look at.

You need to realize that looking and feeling good is the key, not simply weight loss. Often cardio will burn muscle so you may feel worse than when you originally started to journey.

How to see the best results?

Those who have never done any weight training in the past should not push themselves too hard to begin. You should start with 2-3 sessions a week, focussing on total body workouts that comprise of compound lifts such as squats.

These types of exercise will work many different muscles and will give you the best results for the time spent in the gym.

Start with a lighter weight to avoid injury moreover to ensure you perform these exercises using proper form.

Don’t forget your diet

When weight training you will need to fuel your workout otherwise you will not have the energy to complete the exercises to the best of your ability.

Cutting too many calories from your diet will also result in lost muscle along with fat when you workout.

To see the best results a diet rich in lean protein is recommended. White meat such as chicken or turkey are two of the best examples.

Forget about spending hour upon hour pounding the treadmill, hit the free weights and finally start seeing real results.

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