Is The Volcano Vaporizer Addictive – Know About It

Lots of people are wondering wether the Volcano Vaporizer is as addictive as other ways of consumption. To answer this question properly i have to go into the topic of addiction itself first.

You can know about the Dry Herb Vaporizer addiction. The use of the vaporizer is beneficial if it does not have any side-effects on the health of the people. There are some questions available that should be answered for the purchase of the vaporizer. The gathering of correct information is essential for people. 

Addiction can be divided in two parts, there is physical addiction and psychic addiction. Physical addiction is the kind of addiction where your body gets dependent on the intake of certain chemicals and you experience physical withdrawal symptoms if you stop the intake of these chemicals. For example if you smoke cigarettes daily your body gets dependent on the nicotine. Now if you stop smoking and stop the flow of nicotine into your body you will experience withdrawal symptoms, like nervousness, agression, bad sleep, sweating, etc. After a detox period the body re-adjusts to the lack of substance that it was used to getting regularly and eventually the withdrawal symptoms disappear. The physical addiction is now over!

Psychic addiction on the other hand is a different kind of addiction, its the kind where your mind gets addicted to something. This is not only limited to the intake of substance but can be virtually everything. People can be (and are) addicted to TV, gambling, sex, power, money. Now im no expert in this field and going to deep into this topic would also be inappropriate for this site. But from my understanding scientists explain psychic addiction in a way, that the substance or action of choice leads to a release of chemicals in the brain that makes the person who experience this feel good. This itself is not a problem but people can become addicted to those experiences and feelings exactly like they can become to substances themselves.

So to sum it up, phyiscal addiction can be described as an addiction of the body to a substance, while psychic addiction can be described as an addiction of the mind to a substance or an action.

Now to get back to the initial question, wether the Volcano Vaporizer is addictive or not. The answer is Yes and No.

If you smoke weed to get away from your problems or feelings, if you abuse marijuana, then the Volcano Vaporizer will help you not at all with this addiction. If you switch from smoking to the Volcano you will still be psychically addicted, you will just have a different form of consumption.

On the other hand lots of people smoke their marijuana mixed with tobacco and become physically addicted to the nicotine theyre smoking. So if you switch from smoking to the Volcano Vaporizer it can definitely help you overcome your physical addiction. As described in my other article you can easily quit your nicotine addiction without experiencing any withdrawal symptoms.

So the conclusion is, the Volcano Vaporizer is not a magic pill which will erase your addiction. But it can help you get over your physical addiction and make it easier for you to deal with the psychic addiction then. And lets not forget that this device does virtually no damage to your lungs, so if you are addicted to Marijuana, you might aswell vaporize instead of smoking it and ruining your lungs in the process

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