Introduction For A Person Not Familiar With Weighted Blankets

Specially designed blankets that help relieve stress and provide a sense of calmness with some extra pressure applied by the blankets are called weighted blankets. The blankets get this extra weight in them by the use of glass beads or plastic pellets. However, some of the blankets even have multiple layers of fabric in them that make the more weighted and comfortable. These blankets are available for persons of all ages and available in different sizes. You can get these weighted blankets from wherever you want, like an offline store or any online store or from any handmade store, or you can even make one of these blankets yourself. SO read below if you are Not familiar with weighted blankets?.

How these blankets work

Weighted blankets can provide you deep touch pressure therapy with those extra weights to help you get a comfortable, sound sleep. The pressure applied by these blankets on your body helps release a hormone in the brain called serotonin. These chemicals work as a transmitter between the nerve cells. The released serotonin by the applied pressure can transfer a message of calmness between the nerve cells making your body relaxed and prone to sleep. These released chemicals even help those facing ADHD problems by making them feel more relaxed under the blankets.

Effects of ADHD in children’s body

  • The kid facing ADHD can have some of these effects in their activities like
  • They would not have any control over their emotions.
  • They would not be able to control their anger and would burst out on anyone.
  • They would get over-excited about some small things.
  • These kids even remain in stressful conditions.

Things to keep in mind before buying these blankets

  • After reading its benefits, you can think that buying it would give your kids better physical and mental growth while sleeping, but there are many things that you are not familiar with weighted blankets. Some of them are:
  • These weighted blankets can be dangerous for small kids as they may take those beads or pellets in their mouths that have come out of blankets and get choked, or they get suffocated if the head is being covered as the cant’ t remove it.
  • These weighted blankets with different sizes and functions available in different price range too. But the fact is all the price ranges are costly as you can easily get any other blankets at a much lower price.
  • Different kids prefer a different amount of weight in their blanket. Sit’s’s Sit’s’s not possible for two different kids to get comfortable inside a blanket of the same weight.
  • Fabrics and textures on the blankets can also be a problem as different kids like different fabrics and textures, so it would be difficult to get weighted blankets for your kids.

Customizing these blanket at home

Yes, you can make a weighted blanket at home that too of your choice fabric and textures with all the needs to be fulfilled as you will be making it for someone keeping his needs in mind. You can even get a helping hand from your child, making him learn to focus on things and find the solution to any challenge faced while customizing it. It can also cost you very less than those available in the market.

How these blankets work on human psychology

When you are a child, you get used to your parents’ arm and the comfort of having that around you sleeping. This little extra weight on your body can give you a sound sleep with great comfort and a sense of protection, and this same psychology works on you even when you are grown to an adult. This is the reason whit’s easier to sleep with the weighted blankets as you have been used to that little extra weight on you from the first day of your life.

Things to sum up

Weighted blankets are beneficial but also bad in some manner. These blankets are made so that it traps the heat from the body and makes itself warmer from the inside, which can make it more suffocating by having sweats all over the body in few hours of covering. These blankets are filled with glass beads or plastic pellets to give them extra weight, but these extra weights inside can shift to any particular side during use as it is not fixed inside. But the blankets with the latest launch have fixed these beads inside so that you don’t have to fix it every time before covering yourself. These blankets are even harder to wash due to its beads, and the saddest part of using these blankets is if the blanket gets damaged and the beads come out of the blanket, it would be a tough task.

While buying a weighted blanket, you should inquire about the three most important things in these blankets. They are :

The fabric of the blanket of which it is made

There are different types of fabric available in the market, and all affect your body. Besides the effect on the body, some of the fabric gives different feel in touch, and it depends on person to person whichever fabric you want to choose for your blanket.

The size of the blanket that perfectly fits your need

These weighted blankets are available in numerous sizes. You only have to choose the size that suits your need. Some of these blankets’ popular sizes are king size, queen size, for kids, and some of them are specially designed to even for couples.

The filler that filled inside the blanket

The blankets are filled with different types of fillers, depending on the cost. All the fillers fulfill the same purpose, but all the fillers have different prices due to their softness. The blankets filled with glass beads are the costliest. Some other fillers used in the blankets are plastic pellets, rice millet, and even use sand as fillers. Learn more about how to buy the best blankets online at a good price. Get the products worth your money.