Inbox Dollars a Waste of Time

I was invited to join Inbox Dollars quite a few months ago and didn’t hesitate to join when I found I could make money just by reading the e-mails they sent me and completing offers and surveys on their site. My thought, at the time, was there wasn’t an easier way for me to make money.
Boy was I wrong.

Since joining Inbox Dollars, I have moved twice and helped my daughter celebrate two birthdays. One thing I have not done is see a payment from the site.

Inbox Dollars pays a pretty decent amount of money. The E-mails they send me each day pay 3 cents each and, if I qualify for a survey, I can earn $1. I can even earn 4 cents each day for doing Web searches.

However, the issue with Inbox Dollars is the high payout amount. To receive any money from them, I have to have a balance of $30. After all this time with them, I still have less than $23. In fact, the only reason I haven’t quit the site yet is I figured I’ve come too far to turn back; at least until I get that elusive first payment.

Now, to be fair, I probably could have earned my minimum payout by now if I would have taken the time to complete some of the hundreds off offers Inbox Dollars has on their site. However, I’m not a person who likes doing that kind of thing because those offers require one of two things; either I have to receive tons of spam mail or I have to pay money for something to receive money. The latter is the worst option because it usually requires signing up for something that can cost as much as $20 a month just to earn $1.50. I can also earn $5 for every person I refer to the site. However, they have to reach their first payout before you receive your $5.

I realized that aside from investing in foreign exchange and do conversion dollar to euro, the site is also a good source of money. Imagine the fact that I can earn money at the comfort of my home. But of course, it also requires effort and patience during the starting point.

What’s really disturbing about Inbox Dollars is, when I do finally reach enough of a balance to request a payment, I’m going to have to wait to receive my check. According to their terms of service, the payment is processed 30 days after the end of the month it was requested. In other words, if I had a $30 balance today, July 10, they wouldn’t mail me my check until August 30.

If someone comes up to you and says you should sign up for Inbox Dollars because you’ll make a lot of money, don’t believe them. Chances are they are just trying to reach their minimum payout like me. If you’re serious about making money online, this is a site you should avoid.