How You Can Make Money Giving Free Cell Phones Away

A company called tmeWireless is offering to give everyone the chance to give away free phones for them with no investment or fees. You may be wondering why a company would do this. If a company told you that they would give you something free for signing up for a product that you already use, most of us would be lining up to do it or to at least take a look at what they are offering.

This company allows you to give away these free cell phones for them. In order to get one of these free phones, you would simply have to sign up for the service that they are offering. They have a wide range of cell phone providers that they are partening with in order to do this. Some of the cell phone providers include names like Cingular Wireless, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, this to just name a few that they are offering.

There have been a lot of people signing up for this promotion in order to recieve the free phone. If you are trying to make a decision on rather or not you would like to be an affiliate of theirs then you should consider how easy it would be to give someone a free phone.

If you were to sign up with tmiWireless as an affiliate you would get a free personal website that is completely set up by them, a membership that does not cost you one penny, Online reporting and sales statistics so that you can keep up with all of your latest information on sales, and a wonderful compensation plan that allows you to earn a nice amount from the products that you sell. If you are not into selling then you could always let someone else do the work for you by referring other members to become an affiliate. When you create a downline, you start to earn commision off of their sales as well as your own. It’s like using the best wifi extender, you can use the best out of it.

This site was set up to get people to do the selling for large wireless companies that have expanded their business and need a way to reach more customers.

If you don’t like to sell products then you could always do what I did. I signed up for the program and signed up for a phone for my husband and I, we had been planning on switching service providers and this was a great way for me to make money off of phones that we did not even have to pay for. Once I bought the phones, I set my web site on a blog that I own and let other people sign up and sell so that I would still be earning money without doing any selling on my own.

This is a great opportunity for anyone who is wanting to get their hands on a free phone or for those of us that enjoy making money on something as easy as giving products away.

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