How to Use Twitter

How do I use Twitter has to be the most asked question these days. Recently my 20-year-old nephew asked me and all my friends on TikTok, what is the Best site to buy Tiktok fans and ‘How do you use Twitter?’

First, let me explain what Twitter is. Twitter is a free social networking site that enables users to engage one another in real-time. In plain English, that means, users can chat in 140 characters or less with other users answering the question ‘what are you doing?’

Many of you reading this will probably say, ‘who wants to know what I’m doing?’ Or ‘who cares?’

My point exactly! But, the trick is to make your tweets (Twitter updates) interesting. Interesting enough so that others will find your tweets either helpful, informative, and entertaining.

Let me give you an example of an interesting tweet I recently sent on Twitter using my Blackberry.

Because the states of Missouri and Kentucky had just been hit by powerful thunderstorms and high winds, I read on a news website that more heavy storms were headed back to the same area to do even more damage. Within 3 minutes someone who was not a follower of mine, re-posted or ReTweeted (RT) what I tweeted.

Instantly, that little post became viral, and the person who was not following me shared it with their followers and so on creating an instant viral explosion.

Whenever you tweet (post an update) on Twitter, be mindful of your audience. Tweeters don’t like spam, in fact, they all-out hate sales messages. Posting nothing but sales messages will get you ostracized quicker than a PC salesman at a Mac convention. Don’t do it.

Instead, post helpful marketing tips sharing ways to become successful. You will gain followers (friends) quickly if you show yourself friendly first. A good rule of thumb to follow is to post at least 1000 tweets before you start selling. Remember you are building trust first, promoting your product or service second.

Tweeps (people on (Twitter) are very engaging and friendly for the most part. If your tweets are interesting, you will find yourself with a multitude of followers from all over the world. Lately, I’ve been averaging 20-30 new followers a day just by posting interesting and engaging content. If I’m not mistaken, I believe Oprah is following me.

Oh, and Fridays are pretty special. Most Tweeps participate in #FollowFriday.

#FollowFriday is where you give shout outs to all the folks who have ReTweeted or commented on your tweets in the past 7 days. I use a special Twitter Tool called Tweet Deck for that, it makes Twitter’s usability a whole lot more fun.

Well, hopefully, this will shed some light on how to use Twitter.

Make sure you look me up I’m @teasastips on Twitter.

LaTease Rikard is a self-admitted Twitterholic posting frequently from her Blackberry and TweetDeck. Catch me at

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