How To Trim Dog Nails

Try to get your dog used to you touching his paws. Use positive reinforcement when he lets you manipulate his paws. High value treats work well. The earlier in your dogs life that you start trimming your dog’s nails, the better the experience will be as nail trimming when your dog is young conditions your dog. For the first time, have your veterinarian show you how to trim your dogs nails.

Anatomy of the dog nail….

Within the center of each toenail is the blood supply and nerve for the nail called the quick. In clear colored nails you can see the quick, a pinkish area in the middle of the nail. Unfortunately with black nails you cannot see the quick. Use caution; grinding into the quick will cause pain and bleeding.

Dark colored nails should be ground in increments to avoid hitting the quick. Before you start grinding with the DogsBestBuddy dog pedicure adapter, determine how much nail needs to be trimmed. The basic rule of thumb is that the nail, which curls downward, should be even with the paw pad. The length that hangs below the pad should be trimmed.

Some dogs will sit in your lap or on a table while you grind their nails but some may require a leash. You may want to sit on the floor with your pet, hold your pet in your lap, or have someone hold your pet on a table. If your dog has light colored nails, stop before you see that you will hit the quick. If you gring into the quick it may hurt your dog and the nail will bleed.

Introduce the DREMEL to your dog.

Pet him with the tool and make it a positive experience. You may want to repeat this before turning your rotary tool on. Some websites such as can be visited if you wish to know about the organic dog treats. There are so many brands mentioned over the site that will help you making a better choice when it comes to buy the food for your pet.

Turn the DREMEL rotary tool

Run your rotary tool at the lowest setting and pet your dog with it. You may also want to repeat this several times before actually trimming your dog’s nails.

Trimming your Dog’s nails.

After your dog is used to the DREMEL rotary tool – you may begin to trim his nails. Grind the nail but stay below the quick. For dogs with dark nails, several small grinds instead of one large one is best. Be careful not to use too much pressure as friction will generate heat which may be uncomfortable to your dog. Grind with very thin passes at the end of the nail until you see a black dot appear towards the center when you look at it head on.


This is the start of the quick that you want to avoid. Trimming your dogs nails frequently will cause the quick to regress into the nail, allowing you to cut shorter each time. Trim nails so that when the animal steps the nails do not touch the floor.

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