How To Really Lose Fat

How to really lose Fat, in truth, starts in your head. The reason why we oftentimes fail at our diet plans and/or their Fat loss goals is easy to identify. Two main reasons are that we do not have a plan and we have not properly set our goals!

A closer look will reveal that the root problem is a lack of desire! Now let’s not confuse true desire with a wish, or hope, or a maybe!

True desire creates within us a white-hot-flaming passion of wantonness that can not be quenched until the mission, quest, or goal is achieved. Whether that desire is to be the best actor, musician, or athlete, without it being a white-hot flame of passion, then most likely, failure will be the final outcome of one’s efforts!

When it comes to seriously lose Fat, you must have a strong, overpowering Desire to do so!

How to really lose Fat starts right between your ears!

When we fail at any worthy task such as losing unwanted pounds, usually it can be traced back to a lack of desire.

I really want to drive home the point to everyone who sets their sights on losing unwanted pounds of fat that you must look at losing those unwanted extra pounds, as a major mission.

You must get absolutely convinced that this is what you want. Not a wish! Not a hope! Not a maybe! You must have it in your head that you are finally sick and tired of being fat!

In other words, you must be geared up in your heart, mind, and spirit that this is what you want.

Here’s how to that! Ready… let’s go!

1.> Identify what it is that losing the Fat will do for you. How will it make you feel? Ex: happy, excited, motivated, and sexy…like a million bucks!

2.> Visualize how you will feel and what you will do once you have achieved your target Fat loss objectives. Ex: buy a new bikini and look good on the beach.

3.> Set up a plan and let’s go after it, in small, but significant steps!

Notice that the first 2 steps are really actions that take place within your mind. Why do I emphasize this mind-stuff so much? In the mind, is where most of us fall down!

We become weak and distracted and lose focus! This is why your desire to lose fat from your body must be absolutely a white-flame of desire! You must be totally pumped up about your goal to lose Fat, and it WILL happen for you!

Here’s what to do if you are serious!

Step 1: Create that white-hot-flaming passion of desire that you want to lose 15 pounds in 30 days, or 10 pounds in 10 days, or whatever your goal is. However, please remember, be realistic about it! Include items like fenugreek appetite suppressant so that you can suppress the urge of eating fast food and stick to your diet plan.

Step 2: Write out your goals! Write them down on a nice clean sheet of paper and them in an area where you are going to see them every day! Get accountable to the goal by telling somebody what you plan to do. Then, finish up the writing of the goal by being specific. Ex. “I am going to lose 10 pounds by December 29th, 2008.” Finally, commit to the goal by walking it, talking it, thinking about it in abundance!

Step 3: Write out your plan of attack. Determine what you are going to do to get from point A to point B. Then follow the plan!

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