How to Quit Smoking Immediately Using Electronic Cigaretttes

If you are trying to quit smoking, you already know how difficult it can be. The cravings, the moodiness, and all of the other withdrawal symptoms, can make you think you just can’t do it sometimes. I’m here to tell you that you can. I have a method that not only works for more people than traditional methods but also makes sense in helping cure the cravings and addiction while still not smoking. I am about to show you a step by step method to stop smoking cigarettes that will make quitting so easy and inexpensive you won’t believe it. The selection of [google_bot_show][/google_bot_show]e cigarettes smoking has over tobacco will be done through the person. Proper information should be gathered to get the desired outcome. The traditional methods will be replaced through modern for the safety of the health. All the information should be in the notice of the person. 

The problem with traditional stop smoking methods is that they don’t treat the addiction as a whole. For instance the nicotine patch, it treats the nicotine withdrawal to some extent but doesn’t do anything for the need to have something in your hand, in your mouth, or the sensation of smoking that you are missing. So you end up with a lot of the same withdrawal symptoms as you would quitting cold turkey. You never hear anybody say, “Hey can I bum a patch?”, or “I always have to have a patch after a drink.” That’s because you don’t crave patches or any other stop smoking aid, you crave a cigarette, right?

Before I get into the actual stop smoking method I recommend, I want to say a few things about electronic cigarettes. First of all, electronic cigarettes, or ecigs and personal vaporizers as they are sometimes called, are becoming widely available almost everywhere but don’t be fooled. There are a lot of inferior products being pushed as electronic cigarettes nowadays. If you buy one of these cheap inferior ecigs, you will only frustrate yourself as well as end up spending more money in the long run. There are basically two types of electronic cigarette being sold as multiple brands on the market, the three piece design and the two piece design. The difference is that the three piece design has an external atomizer where the two piece design has the atomizer built into the nicotine cartridge. Now, not only does the three piece design take more care and maintenance but those atomizers go out often and can get expensive to keep replacing. The two piece design takes care of this problem by giving you a brand new atomizer every time you change the cartridge and it doesn’t cost any more than a regular cartridge.

A couple of other things you will want to consider when purchasing an electronic cigarette, is the price of the starter kit and the warranty that is available on the batteries. The starter kits that are being offered in stores and malls are generally the three piece design and normally costs around 75 dollars or so. This is expensive for a starter kit, especially since it comes with a cheaper product. You want to spend around 59 dollars for a starter kit and want to make sure it at least comes with 2 batteries, a wall/USB charger, and some cartridges. You also want to make sure the batteries have an unconditional lifetime warranty. This is rare among electronic cigarette providers but I have found one company that does offer it.

When choosing your electronic cigarette starter kit, you will be asked to choose your nicotine cartridge flavor and strength. You will want to consider getting something close to what you are used to smoking. If you smoke regular unflavored cigarettes, you may want to get a ecig flavor that is the same. If you smoke regular strength filtered cigarettes you will probably want to start at a nicotine strength of around 16 to 18mg. This will give you the strength you are used to. If you smoke light cigarettes, start around 11 to 14mg. If you are used to ultra lights then start at 4 to 8mg.

Ok, the actual stop smoking method is basically the same as you would find with the patch only we are treating every symptom of withdrawal at the same time so it makes it so much easier to quit smoking cigarettes. I have to say using this method you are not getting rid of your nicotine addiction at first, just using a safer method to deliver it than traditional smoking. Then once you are doing well you will gradually step down the nicotine until you are completely nicotine free if that is what you wish. If you want to simply find a better way to deliver the nicotine and not actually quit, that’s your choice as well.

Start by choosing the electronic cigarette starter kit that is closest to what you are used to smoking. Now, just use it and get used to it. The experience will be very similar to smoking but you may still crave a cigarette here and there. That’s ok, you may need to ease into using the ecig full time. You will get more used to it as you go and will start craving it more and more as the convenience of it makes it easier to use in public places. Each cartridge of the two piece design is equal to about one and a quarter packs of traditional cigarettes so you can easily tell how much nicotine you are using as compared to your old smoking habit.

Once you have gotten used to using your new electronic cigarette and have stopped buying traditional cigarettes, you can start to step down the nicotine content if you wish. The next time you order cartridges, just order a strength lower than what you are used to. You will continue to get the same satisfying sensation of smoking that you are used to but with a little less nicotine in each puff. Now, stay at that strength until you are fully satisfied with it. At first you may feel like you need to use it more to get the same nicotine level you are used to but eventually you will settle into the level as it is and be content with it as your body starts to release you from your nicotine addiction.

Now, after you have been at a level for a while, step it down a notch again. Keep doing this at your own pace until you are using very little nicotine or none at all. You can actually get cartridges that have zero nicotine in them so you still get the sensation of smoking without the addiction. Stay at whatever level you are comfortable at for as long as you wish. It’s as simple as that. Just switching from traditional cigarettes to an electronic cigarette is a healthier move so if nothing else you have made a big improvement in your life without actually quitting.

I hope I have given you some hope in your quest to stop smoking and some insight into the things to look for when purchasing an electronic smokeless cigarette. If you want to quit smoking, you certainly can, and if you don’t, you don’t have to quit.

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