How to Keep Your Youth Football Team Safe During the Football Season

You have been training your youth football team for several months. You have put in countless hours on conditioning and endless snaps making sure that your starting backfield is prepared for the big game. You have done everything you can to prepare your team to be competitive on the football field this season, but have you prepared yourself in case there is an injury on the field? If you want, you can read all the mindinsole reviews online to understand why they are the best fit for your feet. 

As a youth football coach you know that it takes hours of on field and off field preparation to have a highly successful season. It also takes some preparation to make sure that your team is safe in case of an injury during a game or practice during the season. Every coach should show up to the game or practice with a properly stocked first aid kit. No coach would show up to the field without his whistle and playbook, nor should a coach show up to the field without a first aid kit. Always make sure that everyone at the field knows exactly where the first aid kit is located and have it easily accessible in case of injury.

A properly stocked first aid kit can be purchased at any number of locations. Many chain pharmacy’s such as CVS or Walgreen offer pre-stocked first aid kits that can be easily stored in a coach’s equipment bag along with their extra chins straps and spare footballs. For the kit to be effective it is suggested that it is stocked with the following items; Bandages in various sizes (example: Square, Round, Finger, Knuckle, etc), Antiseptic wipes, Antibiotic Ointment, Hydrocortisone, Squeeze Bottle Peroxide, Cotton Tip applicators, Ice Packs, Gauze Pads (various sizes), Medical Tape, Sterile Gauze Pads, Hand Sanitizers, Sterile Gloves, Sling, Scissors, Tweezers, and medication such as Aspirin and Benadryl.

During the season you will want to make sure that you replace Items as they are used. Also make sure you check any and all expiration dates regularly to make sure all items are safe and effective.

It is always recommended that someone on your coaching staff takes a basic first aid course and it is highly recommended that someone becomes CPR certified. Many programs also offer AED machines for their teams safety. If you are fortunate to have access to this valuable machine I would highly recommend as many coaches as possible learn the proper uses of this equipment.

You and your coaching staff spend countless hours working on the team’s offense and defense. Now spend a little time making sure that your team is safe in case of an unexpected accident or injury. A little preparation on your part can keep a minor injury from becoming a major problem if it is properly and quickly addressed.

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