How To Improve The Absorption Of Protein

It does not matter how much you eat , what counts is how much you are able to assimilate the quantity of food consumed and the Testogenr review . Meanwhile, the issue of the use of ingredients contained in meals is dependent on many factors. The good news is that some of them – you can have an impact . Want to know how to increase the absorption of protein ? Feel free to read!

What determines the digestibility of protein ?

Proteins are a source of food nutrients called amino acids , which can be compared to the bricks used by the body include to create muscle protein . This is what amount of amino acids used by the body is dependent on several factors, one of the most important is their bioavailability from the gastrointestinal tract. The body’s ability to absorb nutrients is meanwhile depends primarily on their digestibility , and this may be very different depending on the selection of food quality .

Proper selection of protein products

Individual food products differ significantly digestibility . Thus, choosing the value of the feed protein based primarily on those which have a high digestibility . They are definitely products of animal origin such as eggs , dairy and meat (including fish meat ) . Vegetable proteins have a poorer bioavailability , which is related to , among others, with their specific construction and the presence of anti-nutritional compounds that may hinder the work of our digestive enzymes . They are present include in legumes . This does not mean , however, that vegetable protein should be avoided, or that it is worthless , just better to take care that the greater part of the daily intake of protein derived from animal sources .

Treatment culinary

Another issue that is very important is the way the food processing called both the initial and thermal treatment. The term pre-treatment we have in mind such as washing, peeling, soaking , etc. . This latter step can make a big difference to how the product is tolerated by our digestive system , an example of which can be znowuż legumes . Vitally important to a heat treatment , which can either reduce or improve the digestibility of protein. For example, egg protein digestibility in the raw state is approximately 50 %, which is relatively small . In case of cooked egg albumin digestibility reaches 100 %.

In the case of meat a heat treatment improves the digestibility of the protein , provided that is not too long and too aggressive. Prolonged frying or grilling at high temperatures can lead to the formation of a protein- saccharide complexes ( Maillard reaction products ) , which do not decompose , and the degradation of selected amino acids, particularly lysine , methionine , histidine and tryptophan. Thus, in order to improve the absorption of protein is good to be skilfully applied thermal treatment , and to eat dishes steamed , boiled or steamed rather than fried or grilled intensively .

Biting and chewing billets

Quite important is also how carefully bite and chew food is eaten . Research shows that people with distinct gaps in teeth protein digestibility significantly decreases. Eating in a hurry, swallowing large bites may be associated with a decrease in the digestibility of food intake so you should pay adequate attention to the way chewing food. Negligence in this matter are particularly evident in the case of men who did not turn back myself too well to head the ” grind ” in the mouth eaten a meal. Celebration of meals is also important for the assimilation contained therein nutrients.

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