How To Grow Cannabis Outdoors Growing Weed

Cannabis is regional i.e. it grows naturally everywhere, just like any weed. Cannabis found in the United States is either grown domestically or is smuggled from Mexico or Canada.

The vaping delta-8 flower is extracted from the natural and organic plants. It will avoid the side-effects on the health of the people. Learning about the product is essential to get the desired results. The growing of the weed is possible at home to have great muscle building results available.

Other countries where Cannabis is grown and exports Cannabis to U.S. are Columbia, Jamaica, Kazakhstan, Thailand, South Africa and Nigeria. Growing Cannabis outdoor is a great and easy way and good quality seeds not only gives amazing weed but also produces best tasting weed with deep flavors and rich aromas.

Cannabis is one of the most widely used illegal drugs in the United Kingdom.


Cannabis plant needs a lot of sunlight i.e. without light it won’t grow. This plant needs a minimum of three hours and a maximum of eight hours of sunlight per day that is it must receive at least five hours of direct sunlight.

Growing weed outdoors

Growing Cannabis outdoor is one of the simplest ways as nature automatically will do most of the work. It depends entirely on the climate which strains will grow successfully. It is generally said that those Cannabis that grow outdoors tastes better. Growing Cannabis outside simply requires direct sunlight, fresh air and soil mixed with organic fertilizers. The plant gets all its nutrients from the soil only, so soil quality is of utmost care.

Of course Cannabis trade is a black market activity so some precautions are to be taken by the grower.

Germination and sprouting

There are several ways for Cannabis germination


Choosing the correct type of soil for Cannabis growth is a crucial step. The soil is a good way to supplement nutrients for the growth of the Cannabis plant thus should be fertile, clayey, and allows for good drainage, water retention and should have the right amount of N-K-P(Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium) and must have a pH between 5.5-6.5

Good soil is something which is compact and can resist water well. Worms also help keep the soil loose for the plants to grow well.

Planting and water

If the soil is good enough, the plant will grow 7-8 feet tall with roots spread 5 feet across and 6 feet deep

Site selection and protection

Site selection is of main concern for any Cannabis grower coz if there is no spacious place providing healthy environment and plenty of water then it cannot be grown. Cannabis requires water, heat, light and air to grow and if any of these conditions is not fulfilled by the site, the Cannabis plant cannot be grown. Security is the number one worry in site preparation. When selecting a site, remember there might be hunters, so protection of the crop is of main concern.

Cannabis vegetative growth

The vegetative growth of Cannabis lasts between 4 and 6 months and to get the best bud; the vegetative growth stage should be healthy and vigorous. The plants grow quickly if given proper sunlight and water.

Cannabis sexing

For a bigger yield of Cannabis and cultivation, sexing is very important. Sometimes removing the male Cannabis is also the reason for Cannabis sexing. The first and the foremost thing to be remembered is to identify the gender of the plant. Once the gender is recognized and found the male plant, covers the lower branch with black paper bag for about 12 hours during the vegetative stage so as to prevent exposure of light. Using the magnifying glass, determining the sex type the male and female plants are separated. The plant now is placed 12 hours of light exposure and again after 18-24 hours revert the lighting schedule to continue the vegetative growth of the female Cannabis only. The sexing process takes time and needs a lot of patience.

Harvesting, curing your outdoor cannabis plants

Plants are harvested when flowers ripe and makes harvesting the enjoyable time. Ripeness can be defined when pistils start turning brown, orange etc. Cannabis plants need fertilizers to grow, mature and produce THC and at the time of harvesting, the plant should be fed with plain water without any fertilizers such that they can be manicured and dried. Or stop watering the plant 2 days prior to harvest. Though it is not compulsion but it will speed the drying process.

Drying a crop will take at least 2 weeks with a temperature of about 65-75°F and when they are dry enough, they are to be cured. Curing a crop needs container made of glass or plastic. With the top on keep the container filled with crop in a dark room and check if moisture builds up. Open the container for few minutes to allow the moisture to escape. Drying will take many days.

Sick plants?

The environmental conditions put a great impact on the growth of the Cannabis plant so it must be checked carefully- climate temperature range, light cycles, plenty of water, soil, air circulation, no water clogging.

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