High End – Finding Art In A Vape Mod

Box mods can be sterile looking pieces of metal geometry. Purely functional devices are uninspiring, but they work well. Some might refer to them as slick, modern, or minimalist.

Someone with a creative spirit, however, would call them dull. For these individuals, anything, however practical, can be a thing of beauty. They still expect items to function properly and be more than superficially attractive.

Beautiful devices include those serialized mechanical mods which fetch a high price: items like the Chi You Megan featuring an engraved Chinese dragon and priced around $250.

Take a look at the unusual image on a Havok Copper Mod by Havok Vapes. These devices are priced so high for a few of reasons. One is that they are made in limited batches which make them collectible. The second is their fine quality craftsmanship. Third is the artistry which goes into their creation: these are not just mods but items their designers take pride in.

But there can be equally beautiful clones sold for a third of the price or less. Individuals who cannot afford to purchase the top-end item are still able to enjoy the aesthetic qualities and are eager to do so as a way of overcoming the anonymity they see in regular e cig batteries and box mods. cbd vape cartridge 1000mg are surely safe to use as it is prepared from the natural ingridients. The best quality flavors are available to choose from.  Merely colored anodized aluminum is not unique. Only something unique is good enough.

A box mod can also be a work of art; a thing to treasure and put in one’s will as an heirloom for the kids. Even to the beneficiary who does not vape, such items possess intrinsic value.

Each one is unique and made by hand by someone who is both talented with electronics and also a gifted wood worker.

Since 2011, this individual has been building original products, including fully formed wood sculptures around mods, neat holes built in for an LED screen to shine through with details of voltage, wattage, ohms, and battery values. A gallery of items shows numerous colors and unexpected shapes.

Another company, Wapari from Helsinki, Finland, does something similar.

They create expensive and unique handmade mods with a folded appearance, like books. On a shelf they resemble the various covers of rare books in multiple colors. This soft end mitigates the sharpness found on the other side and present in many generic models by Chinese companies churning out thousands of Variable Wattage boxes.

A Champion Mod by A.Faiz takes on some similar attributes. Like the Wapari, these items blend wood and metal into exquisite, original creations.

Also like Wapari devices and Gepetto mods, clones are being made and sold at a fraction of the price. They share the same wattage range (up to 30W) and resistance spectrum (0.5 to 5 ohms). All of these elegant products possess bright displays and are attractive just to have even if the owners don’t use them.

This is the difference between a creative vape mod and a functional one: their owners would be almost as happy to put them on show as to fire them up for vaping. For individuals who wish they could own a piece of artistry but are unable to afford the real thing, Infinite sells clones for less money and there are more of them available.

That’s another good thing about clones: their stock levels are good. When you want a serialized original, there is a good chance the one you were looking at is gone by the time you place an order or the company doesn’t have anything in stock right now. The one — or even small — team of people making these items by hand cannot possibly meet demand in the way a factory can.

But they are worth waiting for. Of course, one can supplement the mere function of vaping with a Sigelei or Cloupor device, but when choosing an item to show off, the chosen vape mod will look nothing like a box.

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