Guide to Birthday Party Games

Having Birthday party games everyone participates in and enjoys is the key to a successful Birthday party. What type of birthday party games should be played? When should the Birthday party games be played? The answers to these questions may make the difference between an okay Birthday party to a Birthday party everyone enjoys.

When should games be played? Birthday parties consist of cake, gifts, and games. The host or hostess will have to decide in which order to have these major events, if at all. Some hosts or hostesses may prefer to skip the games or skip the unwrapping of gifts during the party if the party is large and everyone is enjoying themselves.

Guests are going to enjoy the cake and the games the most. If the host or hostess wants a successful birthday party, he or she should do what everyone will enjoy. Opening the presents can be done while the guests eat their cake if the host and hostess feel it necessary that the presents be open at the party. If not the gifts can be unwrapped at a later time and thank-you cards can be mailed after the party.

The best time to play games is at the beginning of the party as the guests arrive. When children first get to a Birthday party they are going to be wound up and nervous. A group game will ease their anxiety and calm the guests down.

The host or hostess may not want to have games after the cake is served. Physical games could possibly upset the guests’ stomachs. After the cake is served the party activities should slow down. If games are played after cake while guests are waiting to leave, the games should be sit down games.

What games should be played at a Birthday party? It is important that Birthday party games be age appropriate. Birthday party games need to be fun for all of the guests. The games should be designed for everyone to participate. Pick a few that are for certain age levels and then some that are a little more general. Here are a few games for everyone to enjoy at any Birthday party.

Treasure Hunt – Depending on the age of the participants, a treasure hunt for a birthday party game can be as simple as running around the yard or going to a neighboring city. Maybe the treasure hunt can start in one place and the ending locale can be where the cake will be served.

Relay Race – A relay race can be played to include all the participants and make them feel welcome. Relay races can just be running back and forth to see who is the quickest, use teams to carry eggs or water to see which group gets done faster or which group has the most water, or a relay race could be a set of four runners who switch off.

Race – Races are good for any age because most people know how to run. The race could be just to see who can walk the fastest, which can become comical trying to get everyone to walk and not run.

Charades – Charades are easy to play and will get group participation. Charades are a great game to get the guests playing together and relaxed.

Piñatas – Piñatas can be an activity that the children make or just a game of hitting a piñata. Hitting a piñata will get all the guests cheering and waiting eagerly for goodies. This is a good game to get the guests relaxed and comfortable.

Crafts – Crafts are good for before the party or at the end of the party. Crafts are something that the kids will sit down for and share materials. Crafts can be before the cake or afterwards.

Pass the Present – Pass the present can be played after cake if it is played with everyone sitting down passing a present around. Whoever is “caught” with the present is out. The last person gets the “present” which should be filled with a little toy or candy.

Balloon Stomp – Balloon stomp is an energized game that kids will like. The object of the game is to make sure your balloon does not get stomped while you stomp on others. When your balloon is crushed, you are out of the game. Use a string to tie the balloons around the guests’ leg.

Darts – Darts should only be played if there is a small number of guests or there are multiple games going at the same time. Guests should not be sitting around if they want to play games with others.

Wii – Wii is also a game that should only be played at a small gathering. Make sure all the guests have a turn playing the game chosen.

Musical chairs – Musical chairs can be played by most ages. This is a game that should be played before cake. Everyone can walk around the chairs with one less chair than person. When the music stops everyone sits. Whoever is left standing is out.

Statues – Almost any age level can play a version of statue. This is a game that is best played before eating. You can have the children dance and when the music stops they have to hold their pose.

Whatever games are played, the games should be age appropriate and fun for everyone. Birthday parties with fun party games are going to be remembered. Choose your games and activities with everyone in mind and have a great Birthday party.

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