Find The Players Bestfriend: The Diamonds In Minecraft

The real-life rare gem diamond is also a rarity in the world of Minecraft. Yet, the gems are the most in-demand commodity in the game. The diamonds help create powerful tools like a diamond chest plate or a formidable diamond axe. They can also craft jukeboxes and enchanting tables. Villagers offer emeralds sometimes in exchange for diamonds too.  The adventure one comes across while finding them is one of the best parts of the game. So, let us find out how to find these gems. 

The pre-Requisite Before Going On The Adventure:

The right tools will help to make the search easier and safe. So, check for the tools before you move to get diamonds. 

  • An iron pickaxe or a diamond pickaxe is the tool that one will need to mine diamonds. A stone, wood, or Gold pickaxe will not do the trick. They will go through the diamond ore and reaping nothing in the process.
  • Carry generous amounts of torches to light your way and to keep predators far. 
  • Food is a necessary thing to feed oneself so that you do not die of hunger while digging.
  • Though a pickaxe is handy to provide protection, there is no harm in keeping a good sword. 

Once you have all the tools and sufficient resources, knowing where to mine is the next big decision.

The Location:

A diamond appears in layers 1-16 from the sea level. Go to layer 12 to find the maximum number of Diamonds. Make sure to stay above layers 4-10, as this is where the lava is present. The diamond ores are present in veins as large as eight blocks. 

If you are confused about which layer you are on, check the Y value on the map or press F3 for PC and FN +F3 for Mac or by going to the D-Bug menu. The layer on which you are in is the Y coordinate. It helps us identify our location. 

Methods One Can Follow:

  • One effective method is cave system exploration. Caves are massive. Thus they make seeing the diamond much simpler.
  • Mining directly under you in a straight line is a bad idea. You can mine through the cave and fall into the lava. Thus forming a 45-degree pattern like a stair is one of the best techniques. It is the most widely used method as it makes coming back easier too, as one has to climb up the stairs.
  • Branch mining covers a large surface area by making branch-like narrow networks.
  • Strip mining is the most time-consuming method as it means stripping the area of everything it has. This method creates an empty land area.
  • One can also find diamonds without mining, look for chests, temples, villages, abandoned shafts, etc. 

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