Features Of The Best Spotting Scope Hunters Must Buy

You need [google_bot_show][/google_bot_show]the long range rifle scopes for hunting, but a spotting scope is handy as well. A high quality one such as the Roxant Authentic Blackbird High Definition Spotting Scope gives you better view over the surrounding. This means better understanding about the area where you’re going for a hunt, as well as easily spotting distant potential targets.

But there are dozens of spotting scopes available today. They all boast certain features which seem great for hunting. However, you cannot randomly choose one and end up with a scope which won’t serve its purposes. That is why you must understand the essential features of a spotting scope, then take note of such info while buying one.

Here are the Valuable Features the Best Spotting Scope Possess

  1. Sufficient Magnification

This is the most important feature of any spotting scope. It must have sufficient magnification which is higher than regular binoculars. However, avoid spotting scopes with more than 60X magnification because only a few areas suit such kind of scopes. Or else, you’d end up paying expensive price for something you won’t use.

  1. Clear Image Resolution

Most spotting scopes fail to balance magnification and image resolution. The latter degrades when magnification goes up. In other words, it’s useless buying a high magnification scope but produces blurry images for viewing. Aim for a scope with the best magnification that produces high definition images.

  1. Quality Objective Lens

Generally, bigger objective lenses have higher magnification and produces clear images. But note to carefully weigh lens size, its quality and other features of a scope. For example, smaller but high quality lenses are better than bigger but poor quality ones. On the other hand, large lenses with superb quality won’t work well on a faulty scope.

  1. Suitable Eye Relief

This is a valuable factor especially when you use eyeglasses. The eye relief is the farthest possible distance of your eye from the eyepiece while still seeing the full view. In most cases, a person needs around 14mm of eye relief, whereas a person with thick eyeglasses probably needs more. Try a scope before buying to make sure it offers suitable eye relief for your eyes.

  1. Fully-Multi Coated Lenses

Efficient light transmission is an important property any high magnification device possess. This is the key of providing high quality images and better performance for a spotting scope. Now, best lens coating maximize such advantage light transmission offers. That is why you must look for fully multi-coated lenses because they offer best light transmission for spotting scopes.

  1. Durable Metal Tripod Connectors

The best spotting scopes are attachable to tripods for better viewing without too much vibrations. This is a great feature for hunting, especially when high accuracy is needed. However, you must find a spotting scope with metal connectors to the tripod. Note that plastic easily worn out overtime, whereas metal remain intact for a longer time.

  1. Reliable Protective Gears

Lastly, you know how important it is to keep your hunting gears on good shape. That is why you must look for a spotting scope with enough protective features. These include carry bags and cases, as well as waterproof, shockproof, heatproof and dustproof features. These guarantee your spotting scope would last long through your hunting trips.

With these essential features in mind, you’re certainly off towards the best spotting scope to buy. Note, however, to consider your needs, preferences and budget for a more suitable choice.

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