Fashion For All With Or Without Boundaries

What is the first thing you are likely to notice about a person? Probably the way they look, right? So how do you decide whether they look good or bad or average? The answer is probably by their facial features or their clothes. If you think a little more, the facial features are god-given, and therefore, we have no control over them. Our eyes, skin color, hair texture, teeth, etc., are inherited from our parents. But the other factor that the clothes are in our control.

Fashion influences perception

Clothing is not just a means to cover the body. Clothing means much more now. Fashion rules the world to a certain extent. It is fascinating how what you wear influences other’s impressions of us in a significant manner. Imagine walking up to you; he is dressed in shabby, dirty clothes and dampen shoes. The likely judgment you would make about that person is that you would perceive them to be poor. Poor enough that they cannot afford to buy new clothes or wash their clothes once in a while.

Fashion is embedded in our lives very closely. Look at the celebrities, the people who are in the public eye. They are always in a state of constant scrutiny about what they are wearing. If they wear something which is not very pleasing to others, they get some serious criticism. Some people even tag their talents to be worthless, for that matter.

Fashion influences us

Did you know fashion not only influences other’s perceptions but our moods as well? Well, yes, in fact, a lot. Researches have shown that wearing good clothes, at least what you perceive to look good on you, can make you feel better about yourself. Wearing good clothes can help in increasing your levels of self-confidence. This is a result of dopamine that is released as a result of the feeling of pressure.

Fashion and mood

Wearing bright colored clothes when youre feeling low can help you feel more energetic. Psychological experiments related to color psychology have shown results that convey that if you wear bright colors like yellow, red, or other bright colors on a day you dont even want to get out of bed can help you feel better. Moreover, wearing colors like sky blue, pastel pink, and other subtle colors can make you feel calm. Different colors have different meanings; for instance, purple is the color of royalty and maturity.

Shpetrik Fashion

Reading all this, you might think that fashion is complicated. What to wear, what not to wear is a difficult choice. It seems like a never-ending conflict. What if you wear something inappropriate somewhere? Will it make a wrong impression of you? Well, dont worry about it.

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Fashion is for all.