Eyelash Enhancers Risks Vs Benefits – Learn Both Of Them

Most women want to have longer more beautiful lashes and those who can’t seem to come by them naturally seriously consider eyelash enhancers as one way of getting the lashes they want.

When you are using Lashify Extensions, you should learn both risks and benefits. The reduction in the risks will increase the benefits of the lashes. You can collect complete information about them to attend the parties with attractive eye lashes. The meeting of the needs is possible for people.

But before you decide on which eyelash enhancer to try, knowing the risks and benefits will help you to make a more informed decision and one that is really right for you.

Eyelash Extensions

There are a few benefits to getting eyelash extensions but, the main reason why women choose this type of eyelash enhancement is because they can have thicker longer lashes immediately. While you may spend a lot of your day in getting those extension once they are done you instantly have longer lashes and these lashes last for a couple or weeks or more.

However, there are some risks when one gets eyelash extensions and these may include:

  • Allergy to the adhesive resulting in puffy and swollen eyes, itching, redness, and the need for removal.
  • Increased damage to your own natural lashes resulting in breakage and eyelash loss.
  • Extensions sticking together and making a mess out of your eyelashes (this often happens if you don’t remove your eye make up properly)


In addition these so called permanent eyelash extensions have to be filled every two to three weeks to keep your lashes looking beautiful. This means even more time and money spent getting those eye lashes done and if you decide enough is enough then you also have to pay to have the remaining extensions removed.

Prescription Eyelash Enhancers

Prescription eyelash enhancers are usually put on the top lash line at night and they do result in helping your eyelashes grow thicker and longer faster. They work fast because most of them contain bimatoprost a medication that is designed to treat glaucoma and was found to result in faster growing eyelashes. While prescription eyelash enhancers work well they also have a number of risks which include:

  • Dry eyes
  • redness and itching
  • darkening of the eyelids
  • permanent discoloration and darkening of the iris.
  • Burning and inflammation

In addition to all the negative side effects, Prescription eyelash enhancers are extremely expensive costing $120.00 a month. Once you achieve maximum length and fullness your doctor will likely advise you to only use the product every other night which does cut the cost in half but, this is a cost that you will need to pay monthly as discontinuing the product will result in your eyelashes returning to their original condition within a few weeks.

Over The Counter Eyelash Enhancers

Over the counter eyelash enhancers are the most used type of eyelash enhancers used today. They are inexpensive, easy to apply and can be applied morning and night depending on the directions for the particular product. These products are generally considered safe and while you won’t get those longer lashes instantaneously like with extensions or quickly as with a prescription enhancer many of them will help your lashes grow. And in fact, many of these over the counter eyelash enhancers often include extra ingredients to help condition and strengthen your eyelashes.

  • The only risk with over the counter eyelash enhancers is that some do contain ingredients that may:
  • cause itching and redness of the area surrounding the eye
  • burning and watery eyes

One over the counter eyelash enhancer that has it all is Idol Lash. This eyelash enhancer not only helps you to grow longer and thicker eyelashes but, adds special conditioners that also soften and strengthen your eyelashes as well. Best of all not one users has reported any negative side effect while using idol lash.

Now that you know the benefits and the risk of the various types of eyelash enhancement products that are available today, you can make a more informed and wise decision of which type of eyelash enhancement is best for you. While the other types of eyelash enhancers can give you longer lashes faster it is the over the counter enhancers that offer you the safest products at the lowest cost. And Idol lash has proven itself to be effective, safe, and reasonably priced.