Essential Items that You Need To Bring in Your Board Paddling Activities

If you are planning to head out on the water, it is not wise to jump off right away without considering your safety. Whether you are on a guided tour or recreational paddling on calm water, you should use and wear all the necessary items and gears for your protection and safety. Your paddling experience will be even more exciting and fun if there are no worries when it comes to your safety. As such, here are some of the things that you need to paddle board:

Paddle board

When choosing a paddle board, it is recommended to always go big. Small paddle boards are not ideal for beginners because it will make the progress even harder and you might just feel giving up. However, it is still better to get advice from a local shop about the right size of paddle board for you. Generally, paddle boards are measured in volume in liters and imperial units. But ideally, for beginners, it is recommended to use a board that is 2.25 x your body weight with the answer being in liters. This is the ideal size for someone who doesn’t have experience yet.  You may also opt to add some stand up paddle board accessories

Clothing and Footwear

Since paddling requires physical strength, it is also important to dress for this activity. Ideally, you should dress for the temperature of the water and not of the air. Usually, capsize and hypothermia can happen suddenly, so it is advisable not to wear cotton. You should wear clothing that is very quick to dry so you won’t get chill by the temperature of the water. Some of the clothing that can dry quickly for warm water and warm weather are boardshorts, water shoes, rash guard, hat retainer leash, sun shielding hat. But if both the water and weather are cold, it is advisable to wear wetsuit, paddling gloves, neoprene top, wool cap and synthetic socks. 

Personal Items

Aside from footwear and clothing, you should also consider to bring some personal items like lip balm that ahs SPF 15 plus to avoid lip dry, sunglasses, retainer, snacks for lunch, hydration reservoir, water bottle, small first aid kit, camera, towel, mobile phones in protective cases or bag, small amount of cash or credit card for emergency purposes and a sunscreen that has SPF 30+ and is water resistant. These recommended personal items are essentials so for safety and protection purposes.

Optional Items

There are also optional items that you may bring. These will all depend on how you will use the board. Ideally, if you want to extend your boarding hours or day tour through planning to camp overnight or open water stay, you may bring 2 way radios, GPS, towline, camera mount, knife, compass, guidebook, charts and maps in waterproof bag, SUP transport cart, SUP carry strap, weather / VHF radio, deck bag and a fishing gear. 

Having these items in your board paddling activities will make your experience safe, complete and spectacular. 

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