English Springer Spaniel: The Best Dog for Households with Children

Once known as the Norfolk Spaniel, the English Springer Spaniel is an intelligent, lively and loyal family dog. Winner of the 2007 Westminster Best in Show, The English Springer Spaniel has become increasingly popular among dog lovers in recent times. It’s easy temperament and medium size makes the English Springer Spaniel ideal for family living.

When considering adding a puppy to a home with children, safety is the main concern. Parents want to be confident that their puppy will be tolerant of over enthusiastic children’s attention. The English Springer Spaniel is quite tolerant and patient with children. Our English Springer Spaniel, Maggie enjoys a good romp with our children and takes the tumbling and shrieking all in stride. Males typically weigh in between 45 and 55 pounds. Females are slightly lighter at 40 to 50 pounds. Their size and weight makes them non intimidating to young children.

Housebreaking is often a stressful aspect of puppy training. The English Springer Spaniel is highly intelligent and a very fast learner. Our Maggie was completely house trained in under a week. We used the crate method and it was a pleasantly easy process. Using consistency and rewards, Maggie was housebroken way faster than I anticipated.

Grooming is essential to a dog’s appearance, health and comfort. The English Springer Spaniel has a medium length coat and requires regular brushing to keep the hair from becoming matted. A little time spent every day on this is all it takes to keep the coat healthy and smooth. Children love to help with with this aspect of dog care. My kids argue over who’s turn is it to give Maggie her daily brushing. Since the English Springer Spaniel loves to be in the company of their people, this becomes another bonding ritual between dog and owner. Because of the English Springer Spaniel’s long and heavy ears, they can be prone to ear infections. Quick cleaning and inspection of the ears during grooming time can prevent this. Maggie is four years old and we have never had a problem with this.

The English Springer Spaniel makes an excellent watchdog too. Protective of their family and home, they posses a great bark. You can take a look here for more information and tips on how The English Springer Spaniel males an excellent watchdog. This will also give you some essential tips on how you should properly take good care of your dog. 

Puppies require ample exercise for optimum health and the English Springer Spaniel is no exception. Regular walks do the trick and is an excellent way for the family to spend time together in a healthy way. If you have an enclosed back yard, gather the family outside for some catch. Fun for the whole family!

Ask family and friends for recommendations of a reputable breeder and begin your search for an English Springer Spaniel to add to your household. They will add much love and enjoyment to your entire family.

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